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This is the homepage for GoddessKyaa.com. I update this page nearly every day with information on what I am doing, photos or even a video of what I am wearing and instructions for those who like to obey my commands.




July 2014

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Check my News page to find out more specifically what might be going on right now, find my daily video (if there is one) and  instructions for you to follow so that you can please me, the Goddess you serve.

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1. Click, pay, stroke! Collect all my clips and don’t forget to rate/leave feedback if you can.

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3. Read, rate, comment! GoddessKyaa.com is your bible. This one never changes. It doesn’t matter how poor you are, how little you have to offer, at least you can rate and comment on my posts here to show your thanks.


New content is being added daily, so check back often. My full archive of over 3 years of posts, photos and more has been imported. Check the Archives for past posts!

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236 Responses to Home

  1. john o'brien says:

    Goddess Kyaa, you look too skinny without your implants

  2. taffer says:

    Goddess Kyaa is perfection and I fall to my knees at her name. WE slaves are weak chatels for her amusement and long may it be so.

  3. Aleksandar Ski says:


  4. mikeg says:

    Thank You, Goddess. You are so incredible.

  5. Mat says:

    I think converse chucks and vans classic canvas shoes are the best. I would like to see Goddess Kyaa make a dicklet stomping video with chucks on one foot and vans on the other and stomp with each using appropriate comments. Does anyone here second the motion ?

  6. diaperslut4kyaa says:

    Good morning to the best Goddess in the universe. I am glad you are transforming me into your own unique creation.

  7. Charlie says:

    Hi Goddess Kayaa. I have just joined your web page. I’m a new submissive and I would like the chance to start serving you.

  8. SlaveForKyaa says:

    Goddess Kyaa owns me mind body and soul… I bow down and thank Her for training and treating me like a dog…

  9. i believe in Goddess Kyaa. Goddess Kyaa is the truth and the almighty one.

  10. Obdntslv says:

    Goddess is so powerful! I want to be owned by her!

  11. Norm says:

    Please forgive me, Goddess. I didn’t realize there was a place to comment on your homepage. I would have commented sooner had I not been so anxious to read all of your content. You’ve become all that matters to me so quickly.

  12. i’m going to follow all Your instructions. Thank YOU Goddess

  13. Robbie says:

    You control me goddess thank you

  14. KyaaJewslavegirl says:

    Goddess Kyaa is the best ever

  15. uggobitchface says:

    You are better than me in every way Goddess Kyaa. From Your beautiful face to my ugly one, from Your long, shapely legs, to my gross hairy ones, from Your perfect body to my out of shape fat one, You are a Goddess and i am a toad. Thank You for taking the time to train me to be useful for You as a loser.

  16. Herbootlicker says:

    No man can resist the beautiful Goddess Kyaa. Her wickedness and her evil will overwhelm any man.

  17. roddy.doddy1 says:

    Goddess Kyaa thank you for allowing me to serve you today I look forword to continuing my life as a newly converted kiaatists

  18. ExChristian4kyaa says:

    I would love to open up. And say I was raised in church made to read the bible multiple times and went to a Christian high school till senior year. I believed in god and jesus and heaven and hell.

    2months ago I find kyaa. The true lord and creator of earth and life. She is perfection and my one and only god. Christians would make me believe I’m worshiping a false idol on the other had it is every other religion that is worshiping the false idols. Kyaa is real and is the only real God.

  19. Sara says:

    Thank you Goddess Kyaa you made my world since i started talking to you
    Think about you by day dream about you by night
    you are the BEST ever!

  20. rolf says:

    Sie bestimmen über mich……


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