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Oct 2014



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240 Responses to Home

  1. Carlos Santos says:

    Greatest Kyaa,

    Goddess on Earth,

    this is a very contribution. Take some calm
    30 minutes to read it. Be slow and patient.
    Work it. It took me 20 hours to accomplish.
    Its of great value, will give you fundament.

    Will bring Your Project a long leap forward.
    Take as much of it to your own ideas as you
    like. Use the words in your training-sermons.
    I would love to serve as your spiritual twin.

    i hear you saying:

    “My Feet are in control of everything. I am just a vessel to delivered messages from them. Whatever they do is them. Whatever I say is from them. They do not care what you think. They think for you now.”

    And you go on saying rightfully as you are always right, anytime right: “My Feet are everything.” And you continue: “My Feet are your Religion”.

    Your Feet are not simply best, that would do them no justice, neither would “Cult” be a sufficient description of their unseen beauty, no, – indeed – they reach the highest scoring in the valency of mankind: That is Religion. – I almost passed out when I saw You the first time explaining that Your Feet will rule us now – starting today.

    You will explain “You only need my Feet. Never forget: They are everything.” Yes, Goddess, they are everything. No boobies, no sympathy, no Intercourse, nothing else. Yes. That is my dream, it is the most loved dream I can imagine. Only Your pure feet are pure paradise. As soon as anything else comes across or beside Your Feet, no matter what, the pure delight between Your Feet and my Face is spoiled. It is my dream to get only your feet and nothing else from you. It is my dream to be truely dominated by their changing moods. It is my dream to be suffocated to death as Martyr of these pure, divine, cold, moist, pale unforgiving virgins. What a wonderful death!

    I really want to die for them. I mean it – my life is so boring without them, it is totally worthless. What is Mekka, what are the holy places of Jerusalem and Rome? Compared with the real Religion these places are empty stone temples invented by idiots for idiots. Now we want to check out what is the difference between a simple foot fetishist and a religious fundamentalist. There is so much value in Your Feet. It may be possible to balance a rejection of religious faith with selective reverence for religious rituals. However, we must stress that Religion is the most successful educational and intellectual movement mankind has ever seen, and our Religion makes no difference in this matter, because it tells people what to think. You could even copy the didactic tricks of a Pentecostal preacher. “Do you hear me?” he shouts, “I say – do you hear me?”. Daily bouts of meditation on the immensity and uncompromising elitist beauty of your classical feet will offer us lectures and solutions to our self-pity and anxiety. Natural Theology. Our deepest emotions for Your Feet must be hard-wired into our cortex with your sermons. Your sacred and transcendental Feet bind the whole community together in one believe. Intention, responsibility, emotion, that is what Your Feet deserve all the time, 24 hours. This is what gives us identity. On the face of Your Feet we contemplate, we may only see their outward form and color but we pray to what is inside of them. They see their human followers as objects rather than as subjects. They are God.

    Whatever religion people may still pursue, now the time has come for a change where we all should give up on it and convert to our one really Holy, Divine Feet-Religion of our Majestic Prophet for which no name yet exists, which however should rule severe and ruthless. Yes, please rule in that black Leggings of yours or even better in black Stirrup-Pants that underscore Your milky, holy Feet as so very much outstanding – and gives them more conviction than any Gucci, Hermes or Saint Laurant could ever do. I love it! I love it!

    What a boundless, merciful generosity of Your Goddess to enlighten us underdogs with these undescribable white beauties. Once we see these shining Saints we loose our right to breathe. We, most of us, we are, since our very earliest childhood, all desperate, most extreme foot-fetishists, we never, ever had any chance to see the light in this world, the only true and ultimate salvation. And that is you. So, to name You Goddess is by no way any exaggeration. It comes so natural. You are the Prophet of Your Feet. And as you wear black Leggings, we all hope and pray with you that your feet will rule the few lucky faces under them merciless. Whatever mood Your Feet are in, whatever they want – it will become the iron Law for any face. He, who not understands to really impress the Empress as our religious Leader or he, who will not happily offer all extraordinary sacrifices that this religious Leader demands, will be terminated. I must however, taking it a gear back, mention briefly that we need senses too and we pray that Your Holy Feet have a strong, proven tendency to a sudoriferous habit and that they tolerate only rarely sock- or stocking-changes. They should be washed and brushed in warm milk. Well, Milk and fresh blood sacrificed to them by your worshippers, mixed with your own piss and mixed with expensive honey. The more intense the saints scents build up over time, slowly but steadily growing to a ripe, intense aroma, may it be cheesy, musky, buttery or Rosefresh, the more we all want to lick them thoroughly until our tongues hurt so much that we cannot speak even one single word.


    Proposals and suggestions:

    01) Beside the entrance-door in Your home church there is a small table with your shoes on it. Every time the Foot-Fetishist leaves the house he has to kneel down before this Altar with your shoes and speak his prayer to them, which he has committed completely to his memory. He has to switch on a video-camera before starting his divine services for later random control by the Goddess of its accuracy. He knows that even a slight touch of Goddesses Sandals or the touch of his lips on her worn sneakers is more important than any sexual intercourse he ever had even with the most attractive girls and women in his former life.

    02) He wears at all times a special leather-metallic chastity belt. Above that he wears – to additionally secure his sexual abstinence – a pair of short, thick, tight rubber-pants. There is a small outlet for his piss. However, to free his bowels, he has to ask politely, if this could be possible. For this favour, since he needs the help of Goddess Kyaa, what is in itself an unthinkable impudence, but yes, he needs a real Majesty to help him to remove both his stinking rubbershorts and the chastity belt under it. Gosh! It is obvious that this is a very tall “order” from a pig. A distasteful, humiliating inconvenience for the Goddess. Therefore it is up to Her Majesty to decide if his behaviour makes such a favour possible and if and when to allow him to empty his bowels. Every time this disgusting procedure is demanded by the nerve-wrecking leech with his desperate whiny beggings it is the most impudent act that possibly has ever happened to any Goddess. There is only one secure way to release his handcuffs for short periods of time, what makes however some additional work again. On the ground in the bathroom, direct beside the toilet-basin and anchored deep in it and in the ground is an iron-pillory installed. Into this device he stretches one of his legs. Then the leg is secured into the construction with a big padlock. Only after this securitisation has taken place his handcuffs are released. Additionally the protected clad Goddess controls the naked animal firmly with a short, sharp knife during all times in the bathroom when he is not handcuffed. On these occasions the creeper has always to shave himself off of all his body-hair from head to toe. He is given 10 minutes time for this with some soap. If he behaved bad the last time, however, the soap is withdrawn from him and saved for more important things and he is given only water. Afterwards he will swiftly put his security appliances back into their places and she will handcuff him again. Only then the pillory is opened. Then the inspection of his self-shaving work takes place, which is often so disappointing and poor that it borders to an insult to our religion which promotes bodyshave and not hair like in the Muslim world.

    She will occasionally ask for the condition of his balls, as “so, you demanding time-sucker, show me your balls. Are they already fat, tight and chubby enough?” She proves them like the witch in an old ferrytale. “Your testicles are not thick enough. This is only explainable because you still continue to practise your old addiction to masturbation in a mental way. I warn you again, weakling. If you even only one time try to lay hand onto yourself, I will kill you, understand?” “Yes, Goddess, I understand this.” – “I expect you to fatten your fucking balls up! I want to see the fattest balls in any scrotum mankind has ever seen, understand?” “Yes, Goddess, I understand this.” – “Now that we are here by the way I offer you the chance to suck your own balls to promote their enhancement. Bend forward and suck your balls now.” He tries and fails. “Promise me, that you will intensify your gymnastic-training in the cage, your back and body must be like rubber! Anything else? You must drill yourself harder to become the obedient rubberdoll I want!”

    “Yes, thank you.” – “Promise me, no, give me your oath, that you will be able to suck your own balls in one months time, or I will bring your balls to the butcher afterwards to make soup from them to feed you with. At least then, my Dear, these little balls will end up where they belong. – Swear it!”- “I swear it”. She smiles. “Good. But I expect to see a naturally written holy oath this evening presented in an envelope. And you write it with a quill in your mouth and with oldfashioned ink!”

    His chastity thing however is often a far less dragging nuisance and work for the Goddess than it seems – except in sanitarial matters as just described. It is, indeed, if installed properly, for very good purpose. It will expand his capability to execute even the most cruel and dictatorial orders given by Her Holy Feet Command and Control Center. The chastity will help to make him carry more for her, endure more pain for her, work harder for her, and it will help him to concentrate far better on the only one thing that matters in his existence.

    Her Feet.

    03) His sleep-deprivation place is a cage – eventually at the end of her Bed. He has to be silent. There, within his cage, he has a pair of old, outworn Hippy-Sandals or Mocassins made of leather or deerskin, which were formerly worn by Her Goddesses Feet. Before he has not completely accomplished his task to eat up these leather-sandals (it may take him a week to digest this with no fork or knife) he will not eat anything else. Of course not! He drinks water, plenty of water, and, if lucky, fetches up Her Goddesses golden morning piss presented with her white feet as the most sunniest, the most delicious welcome-drink. Later she eats breakfast on her bed, gleaming politely into his cage. “You have not yet finished eating my delicious sandals? Why not? Are you not hungry or do you not love my feet? Do you love me? Do you not live in far better conditions than you deserve!? – Yes. Why do you not love my feet enough to eat my sandals, you selfish Laggard? I do see no passion in you! If this goes on like this, I will amputate one of your middle toes, dry it for 24 hours on low temperature in my oven, and then wear it around my neck with my other shark teeth or on my leather ankle-lace. Why not? You are wobbly! You shabby greaser!”

    04) A part of his cage is secured not by bars but by barbed wire. Goddess places her Feet shortly before the wire and demands them to be licked. Now he is allowed to proof that he really loves her Feet as he told Kyaa so often – by pressing his face against the wire to reach Her Feet with his tongue. He must firmly stand this Love test. Only a bleeding face is confirmation enough to Her Holy Feet that they are loved and wanted. – However, if the caged filthy male pig cannot prove his love sufficiently this way it is time to teach him an other way! Out of the cage! Hooks into his buttocks, just a strong, short puncture and the hooks hang in. Now. Will he strech the rubber bands on their way from the wall to his buttocks enough to reach with his head the paradise? Is his believe to true Religion more intense than last time? Or is he simply a lyer, a pretender? Increase or die. It is so easy now to take exact measures of the pigs real desire and passion.

    05) Once outside his cage he must dance with a broom. He must declare to his dancing partner (the broom) how attractive she is. He must give compliments to the broom. If the dance is not elegant enough that is a punishable insult. All his organs and his whole body are nothing but external parts of her Majesties Feet. These Feet own his brain, his heart, his whole being – and of course his penis. If his act with the broom is producing him no erection, then he has lied and failed again.

    06) It is played a game of Chess or Backgammon. He kneels before the game with his handcuffed arms on his back. She moves the figures of the game with her hands. He must move the figures with his nose or mouth. And swift and silent and without any disturbing trembling.

    07) He stands on a chair balancing a bible on his head, his hands as always tied on his back. He stands on one leg. He speaks his Feet-prayer to the one Goddess, then he has to sing his prayers with a pitched voice, while Goddess is drilling some safety-needles into his buttocks. Discipline is the only cure for swines and disbelievers!

    08) By the way of exception she removes his chastity belt. However, the foreskin of the stinkards penis is stitched by himself under her control with sewing thread to his upper thigh. Then he clothes himself fast and is allowed to go shopping with the Goddess. During a break in a restaurant she opens his trousers secretly under the table to proof if the little stinkard is still firmly sewed onto his thigh. She may caress the fixed worm a little with her fingers, just for fun, but then she whispers: “Do not dare to get an erection now or to slime my fingers with your disgusting precum. Such an abuse of my sisterly care will bring you the large, heavy cooking spoon for 10 minutes on your shaven buttocks once we are at home again, and you can be sure, I will hit your buttocks again and again and I will have no mercy!”

    09) He is ordered to bind his own feet and to stitch his toes with thread together, while she watches this disgusting but necessary procedure in the bathroom. Then he tranforms and is Sissy. Sissy then has to put on her ballet shoes and later is allowed to dance again with Sissies Broom-Lover tied around her waist. And smiling! Sissy hopefully will be really “Happy Feet” in her ballerina-shoes with her sewed toes. And Gosh! She is so much in Love with the Broom! Look! She loves the Broom so much that she even weeps. Wonderful tears. She will dance or die. Tears are really nice – but not enough. Dancing was the order!

    10) Table-Tennis. He plays naked, this time with only one hand tied and additionally with weights on his balls. If he wins a game the weights are increased. He should better not loose any game, since Goddess knows no mercy for loosers or poor wretches, never. The point-difference in the game equals the number of the applicable cooking-spoon hits.

    11) Find the thimble. His hands, as almost always, cuffed on his back, he has to search for the hidden thimble, which could be placed on Her Excellencies Body or anywhere else in the room. He has 2 minutes time and he may ask three times if he is searching on the right place. She gives hints by saying “warm” (if he is near the thimble) or “cold”, (if he is far away). However, every question for warm or cold means additional beatings with the cooking spoon.

    12) Training in the free lands. The culprit travels in the baggage compartment of the car. Once in the woods he is equipped with a little collar which is directed by her remote control. On signal he has to lay himself flat on the ground, has to dive into the scrubs, into the stinging-nettles, the little warbler has to climb trees naked for her, and all his survival training will be performed only to his own good.

    All his training is so healthy and endures him to serve the Goddess even better and stronger. Often it is her easy, soft spoken words, her natural educative authority, what makes her so loveable. Especially if she is in cruel action. This is a great helping chance for him to grow his character to become a better servant out there in the woods.

    13) Children building bricks. He has, with his mouth only, to build up little towers and bridges from wooden toy-bricks. Afterwards, apporting little sweets, he is led over and around his buildings with a collar, while he is criticised for the poor quality of his toy-bricks arrangement that he should dare not to touch, because, if Bricks fall, he will fall too, into disgrace. While apporting a thrown ball like a dog he has to kneel down on the ground every time to grab that ball with his mouth. Maybe it is later possible to allow him to wear knee-pads. However, to balance this favour, and to bring justice back into place, he should from then on wear obligatory and at all times a goats bell around his collared neck, which, of course, should only ring if Her Goddesses Feet demand such bellsound. Therefore he should better learn to be careful with his movements. But his other law says: Never serve the Goddess in a slow or clumsy habit. Its not tolerated. Now, obviously he is stricken into a dilemma, and again, that is only his own fault, it was his self imposed wish to gain these unnatural knee-pads! Now. – No decision of Her Goddess is, was or will ever be disputed or withdrawn.

    Due to the fact that the swine is almost always kept tired and hungry, put often under time-stress and pain and due to his explosive state of permanent, excessive hornyness, which is forced onto him by chastity and furthermore is enforced due to his free unhindered sight onto Her naked Barefeet, – Goddesses Security is of uppermost importance. The wild animal (“a stinking hog”) should never be allowed to move without being handcuffed 24 hours. He should give up his family for Her Feet, he should sell all his belongings in Europe, and then gift all the resulting monies kneeling – contributing to Goddesses new Feet Church.

    Above suggestions are neither stolen from anyone nor are they published in the Internet. They are 100 % my own ideas. Can you use them?

    Should you however dismiss this concept in its entirety I can send you my short conscience-enhancing education-script “Intimate Foot Face interactions” witch points out 10 different ways to torture a face with feet, it is written as Macro-Film-Script. This means in that script all things take place in between only a few centimeters between the divine Feet and a supporting, sacrificed face. Do you know the Film “The Andalusian Dog” from Salvadore Dali and Luis Bunuel? Well, not in that cruelty. No. But 10 different methods of how to torture as faces face your feet. Very calm, with few words softly spoken, intimate, severe, save, very slow, and very close. Intense. The right thing for you, sure. Drop me a mail if interested. This is probably better suited for your needs than the large SM-Theater-Scenes above. But those give substance.

    As said before it was such a boundless, merciful generosity of you to have given us the chance to see the revelation. Every member of our new church can apply to be baptized in a deep ritual by the goddess. We should incorporate an official church for our mission in Nevada Registry with Bishops, Statues etc. But there can naturally be only one prophet of our faith. We unworthy underdogs have no rights, whatsoever, but we owe daily responsibility for the unconditional well-being of our ultimative fetish (Sigmund Freud spoke of “Totem”, not fetish, in his book “Totem and Tabu”), the Totem will remain the center of our church and of our lifes for at least 10 years. This time we finally must use to work together to grow up a following! Let us pray now.

    … Could you please talk again to us underlings, we worms live only for and from your tubes, your followers. We are so motivated – now that we can be sure that we found the prophet. However, may we ask Her Highness for even more favours?

    1 ) holding a strong bamboo-stick or a big cooking-spoon while teaching?
    2 ) wearing wooden Scholl Sandals while teaching (possible?)
    3 ) stirrup-pants (with custom-made sting-spurs, “Praying Mantis”? )

    Please do not use the words all other so called Mistresses use, as they all use stereotype, brainless cliches (“you are pathetic” for example).

    We have heard such things too often and Sex goes through the brain, yes or yes? Your feet are too good for such cliches. Oh, Goddess, Goddess, thank you so much. We want to die under Your Feet. I would betray my mother for your Feet. If you deny me my wished suffocation-death under your soul-soles – will you allow me to lead a violent crusade against all disbelievers of our new faith? I was always, my whole life, a very moderate guy in all religious and political and often even in sexual matters. That has changed now. I am Kyaa´s crusader now.

    Your Feet are too strong. The urgent pressure to suffer for them is killing me. Now me poor knight of the sad stature, not knighted by Her, not approved by Her, again and again, I addictively masturbate like a monkey-robot on your videos more often than I have ever masturbated with anything else. I hope you will be cruel. But soft spoken. Cruelty and soft, loving words mix really lovely. Are you not the avenger of the thousands of poor witches burned alive to death in public places in the Middle Ages? Those innocent, poor women, called “witches” were, one for one, all burned from life to death by criminal catholic Priests. Is it not time to think about it? Or about rapists and what to do with them?

    the Masochist.

    PS: Athena is probably one of the more famous of the Goddesses of the old times. Images of her temple dominating the acropolis of Athens are familiar the world over, yet she was also worshipped in places outside Athens and Greece and her origins link her to distant north African divinities. She was held sacred in many other cities including Argos, Sparta, Troy, Smyrna, Epidaurus, Troezen and Pheneus.

    PPS: I am from Portugal. Since I have a position in this society I cannot give you my e-mail-address. Maybe later. Please accept this.

  2. Carlos Santos says:

    test comment on this line for later contribution, Kyaa.

  3. Ali says:

    Hi Goddess, I would like to you to give me JOI over the phone could you let me know how I could make my fantasy come true!

  4. D says:

    Miss Kyaa is so hot. Her ass and body, so hot and makes me so hard.

  5. john o'brien says:

    Goddess Kyaa, you look too skinny without your implants

  6. taffer says:

    Goddess Kyaa is perfection and I fall to my knees at her name. WE slaves are weak chatels for her amusement and long may it be so.

  7. Aleksandar Ski says:


  8. mikeg says:

    Thank You, Goddess. You are so incredible.

  9. Mat says:

    I think converse chucks and vans classic canvas shoes are the best. I would like to see Goddess Kyaa make a dicklet stomping video with chucks on one foot and vans on the other and stomp with each using appropriate comments. Does anyone here second the motion ?

  10. diaperslut4kyaa says:

    Good morning to the best Goddess in the universe. I am glad you are transforming me into your own unique creation.

  11. Charlie says:

    Hi Goddess Kayaa. I have just joined your web page. I’m a new submissive and I would like the chance to start serving you.

  12. SlaveForKyaa says:

    Goddess Kyaa owns me mind body and soul… I bow down and thank Her for training and treating me like a dog…

  13. i believe in Goddess Kyaa. Goddess Kyaa is the truth and the almighty one.

  14. Obdntslv says:

    Goddess is so powerful! I want to be owned by her!

  15. Norm says:

    Please forgive me, Goddess. I didn’t realize there was a place to comment on your homepage. I would have commented sooner had I not been so anxious to read all of your content. You’ve become all that matters to me so quickly.

  16. i’m going to follow all Your instructions. Thank YOU Goddess

  17. Robbie says:

    You control me goddess thank you

  18. KyaaJewslavegirl says:

    Goddess Kyaa is the best ever

  19. uggobitchface says:

    You are better than me in every way Goddess Kyaa. From Your beautiful face to my ugly one, from Your long, shapely legs, to my gross hairy ones, from Your perfect body to my out of shape fat one, You are a Goddess and i am a toad. Thank You for taking the time to train me to be useful for You as a loser.

  20. Herbootlicker says:

    No man can resist the beautiful Goddess Kyaa. Her wickedness and her evil will overwhelm any man.

  21. roddy.doddy1 says:

    Goddess Kyaa thank you for allowing me to serve you today I look forword to continuing my life as a newly converted kiaatists

  22. ExChristian4kyaa says:

    I would love to open up. And say I was raised in church made to read the bible multiple times and went to a Christian high school till senior year. I believed in god and jesus and heaven and hell.

    2months ago I find kyaa. The true lord and creator of earth and life. She is perfection and my one and only god. Christians would make me believe I’m worshiping a false idol on the other had it is every other religion that is worshiping the false idols. Kyaa is real and is the only real God.

  23. Sara says:

    Thank you Goddess Kyaa you made my world since i started talking to you
    Think about you by day dream about you by night
    you are the BEST ever!

  24. rolf says:

    Sie bestimmen über mich……


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