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This is the homepage for GoddessKyaa.com. I update this page every month with information on what I am doing, photos or even a blog video. Keep checking back! Don’t forget, follow me on Twitter for DAILY updates!




November 2014

There are hot new videos being released daily on Kinkbomb and Clips4Sale! Check my stores often for new content.

Check my News page to find out more specifically what might be going on right now, find my daily video (if there is one) and  instructions for you to follow so that you can please me, the Goddess you serve.

As usual, you should check my twitter for the latest updates, pictures & info on what I am doing right now!

Want to know if I am online? Don’t IM me when you can simply check my twitter.

FIND MY NEWEST POSTS HERE:  http://goddesskyaa.com/the-chronicles-of-kyaa/

Don’t forget to comment on every new post!

My Current Instructions For All Subs:

1. Click, pay, stroke! Collect all my clips and don’t forget to rate/leave feedback if you can.

2. Follow me on twitter! @DommeKyaa

3. Read, rate, comment! GoddessKyaa.com is your bible. This one never changes. It doesn’t matter how poor you are, how little you have to offer, at least you can rate and comment on my posts here to show your thanks.


New content is being added daily, so check back often. My full archive of over 3 years of posts, photos and more has been imported. Check the Archives for past posts!

Looking for my newest content? Click on “The Chronicles of Kyaa” on the top menu to be taken directly to a log of the most recent updates and newly added content.

Try using the search bar or categories drop down menu to the right, explore and discover. There is already more here for you to find and view then you realize!

Don’t forget to comment on everything! There is even a “Most Recent Comments” widget at the bottom of every page!

While you are waiting eagerly to see what else I may post here you can find my twitter below.


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244 Responses to Home

  1. Luke says:

    Bahahahhahahahahah not. You couldn’t break or do anything to me. That was all a dare hahaha what you are doing is wrong

  2. Luke says:

    You own me. I have left negative comments before but your power has won..it is so hard for me to say this because I can have any girl I want in the outside world and you own me…you broke me. and I love it


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