Goddess Day 2016 (AKA My Birthday) is Just 2 Weeks Away!

My faithful and devoted know October 30th, my birthday, as Goddess Day. Mark your calendars, bitches. Two weeks from today I celebrate my birthday! I’ll be opening piles of gifts, counting my tributes and partying like only a true fucking Goddess can… Of course, I deserve the absolute best on my birthday. I’ll celebrate in … More Goddess Day 2016 (AKA My Birthday) is Just 2 Weeks Away!

Custom Video Pricing

Check out my list of fetish interests to see what kind of kinks I enjoy. As you’ll see it’s extensive and is regularly updated with new fetishes as I discover them. I will make videos covering a wide range of fetishes, always (of course) in the dominant/topping role. Simple solo female domination themed video – … More Custom Video Pricing

Dependence Day

As my long-time addicts would know today, known as the 4th of July in the USA, is called Dependence Day around the world by all who adore me. Today you celebrate your total dependence on me… your dependence on me for your jerk off habits, to control your weak mind, to train you into a … More Dependence Day


Valentines Day approaches, minions! Since you won’t have a date this Valentines Day you can BE MINE when you spend this romantic holiday watching my kinky femdom videos. Turn your loser brain off and zone out to my expertly crafted fetish videos which will keep you stroking, oinking and in total submission for hours! Use … More Belong2Kyaa

What’s Your Fetish?

Unless you are asexual there is something that arouses you. But what makes you horny is uniquely you. No two people have identical sexual appetites and the range of what is possible to be attracted to is only limited by human imagination. Since I began professionally exploring the world of fetishes and kinky sex as … More What’s Your Fetish?

Travel in Early 2015

The New Year is quickly approaching. As you may know January brings the AVN’s in Vegas, but that’s just the start of my jam-packed schedule in 2015. Below you’ll find my travel dates for the next few months. If you are a professional model or producer and want to work with me while I’m in … More Travel in Early 2015

Webcaming Goddess – Spend The Weekend On Your Knees!

This weekend I’ll be available for webcam sessions. I have already been online for hours tonight and many subbies have already had the chance to submit to me. Drool over these photos of what I am wearing on camera tonight then CALL ME (or if you’d like to pay tribute for your session email me … More Webcaming Goddess – Spend The Weekend On Your Knees!

Who’s Your Daddy?

I am, bitch. Wish your Daddy “Happy Father’s Day” now. I’ll put you in frilly panties and teach you to be my good little girl, you’ll call me Daddy and worship my strap-on cock every day… My Father’s Day jerk off instructions for dirty perverts: 1. Buy some clips. I highly suggest strap-on clips, so … More Who’s Your Daddy?

Clip Addict Contest Prizes

In February I had a contest for my Kinkbomb clip addicts. There were 3 potential winners. Guess how many of you perverts formally entered the contest? Just 3. So all 3 of the obedient subbies who actually entered the contest are winning epic prizes. Read all about the contest:¬†https://goddesskyaa.com/2014/01/30/announcing-february-2014s-clip-addict-contest/ This is the first ever public … More Clip Addict Contest Prizes