Goddess Day 2016 (AKA My Birthday) is Just 2 Weeks Away!

My faithful and devoted know October 30th, my birthday, as Goddess Day. Mark your calendars, bitches. Two weeks from today I celebrate my birthday! I’ll be opening piles of gifts, counting my tributes and partying like only a true fucking Goddess can… Of course, I deserve the absolute best on my birthday. I’ll celebrate in … More Goddess Day 2016 (AKA My Birthday) is Just 2 Weeks Away!

Custom Video Pricing

Check out my list of fetish interests to see what kind of kinks I enjoy. As you’ll see it’s extensive and is regularly updated with new fetishes as I discover them. I will make videos covering a wide range of fetishes, always (of course) in the dominant/topping role. Simple solo female domination themed video – … More Custom Video Pricing

Dependence Day

As my long-time addicts would know today, known as the 4th of July in the USA, is called Dependence Day around the world by all who adore me. Today you celebrate your total dependence on me… your dependence on me for your jerk off habits, to control your weak mind, to train you into a … More Dependence Day

I am your Owner

I am your Owner – I am your Master; you obey my command without question. I am your Mommy; taking care of you always. I am your Daddy; correcting you firmly when you need it. I am your protector; with my strong arms around you there is nothing to fear. I am your teacher; listen … More I am your Owner


Valentines Day approaches, minions! Since you won’t have a date this Valentines Day you can BE MINE when you spend this romantic holiday watching my kinky femdom videos. Turn your loser brain off and zone out to my expertly crafted fetish videos which will keep you stroking, oinking and in total submission for hours! Use … More Belong2Kyaa

Kyaaism Sundays

Tomorrow morning I will host the 4th Kyaaism church service. This is still a budding endeavor, growing and changing with each week… but for those of you who have yet to attend and are interested in learning more about Kyaaism, read on: The past few Sundays (with one missed week in the middle) I have … More Kyaaism Sundays

Better Than Any Fantasy

While many of you fantasize about serving me in person and dream of being my live-in bitch, one very lucky and hard working sissy slave-in-training understands that reality is better than any fantasy. Few have been privilege to this information, until now! Serving in a home with two dominant women puts Sissybot to the test on a … More Better Than Any Fantasy


With the New Year comes an exciting new era for me, and for you. There are big things in the works, and you’ll all be amazed/surprised/turned-on and even more obsessed once you know the details. Right now all you get to know is that “change” barely begins to cover it. The first announcement has already been made … More 2015!