Rules of Conduct

Goddess Kyaa’s Rules of Conduct for ALL submissives contacting me. If these rules are broken repeatedly you will be blocked/ignored permanently, even if you try to claim that you ‘forgot’ my rules. Read them carefully, they are not very hard to follow. The first few offenses will result in punishment as set out in my Consequence for Rulebreakers, so read this full document carefully to understand what I expect of you. These Rules are subject to change at any time.

Updated: Nov. 2015

1- I am the boss, the head honcho, the top , #1, your true God and ruler of your universe. To be in contact with me in any way you must accept your place below me.


2- I will be treated with the utmost respect at all times. This means:

  • I will not accept a slave who is pushy, rude, whiny or dishonest.
  • Each time a submissive addresses me it will be expected to use a title before my name. That means that you address me like this, “Thank you, Domme Kyaa.” Although ‘Goddess’ is my preferred title, other titles such as ‘Princess,’ ‘Domme’ and ‘Mistress’ are acceptable. Do not call me ‘babe,’ ‘sweetie’ or ‘honey.’ I am not your sweety, your babe or your honey. I am not your anything. I am the Goddess you worship, and you will make sure to refer to me as such, every time you address me!
  • There are a few subjects I will not discuss with you and I expect you to not bring up these subjects in conversation or over email:  Animals, minors, the dead or harming others or suicide.


3- Whenever addressing me, a slave should pay careful attention to their spelling and grammar. I will instantly dismiss any slave who types like an idiot and will not respond to messages like the one below.


BAD “how r u!! Ur hot can I call u?”

GOOD: “How are you, Goddess Kyaa? You are hot! May I call you?”


4- Honesty is required. I will not accept lying. Fantasy is one thing, and lying is another. Do not agree to something you cannot or do not actually intend to do. If a slave agrees to something, such as, paying a certain amount for a video, and it doesn’t pay as agreed, call as agreed, or if it breaks any other agreement or promise in general fees may be levied.


5- All slaves must pay to serve me, online or in person. I am expensive, accept that fact. See rule #9.


6- If you notice there is somewhere you can leave feedback or comment on my content online, do it!  When reading my blog comment on every post, when you see another website mentioning me make sure to leave comments, when you buy videos look to see if there is a way to leave feedback or ratings. There are many ways you can show your appreciation for me online.  All subs wishing to serve me should use the feedback and/or commenting system as a way to thank me, communicate with me, and encourage new subbies to serve me. Make sure to leave 5 stars and a comment whenever you are able!


7- I do not chat for free on messenger programs! If you contact me on yahoo or any other messenger program, you will be required to pay the minimum $5 chat fee. If you message me without paying the chat fee I am highly unlikely not respond! Repeat offenders will be blocked and then required to pay a “Time Waster” fee of $50 before being unblocked on the messenger program.


8- Email is the only free way to contact me. A slave can feel free to ask questions, make comments, suggestions, give me their personal information or tell me their dirty secrets… I will reply to any politely written email, but I will not indulge its sexual fantasies until the slut is paying!


9- No begging for lower rates, discounts or freebies.  If you have a tight budget, I want you to tell me and I will figure out the best way for you to serve me. If you can even send just a few dollars a week in tribute, you can still manage to please me… but you must confess your financial situation to me at the beginning so I can help you figure out how I want you to serve me with whatever you have. Begging for cheaper rates, discounts, freebies or anything of the sort sill result in an immediate block! Generous slaves, who take joy in spoiling me, will get occasional free pictures, vids, chat time and even cam time.


10- All slaves contacting me directly are required to have read these rules fully, and are expected to follow them, or to face the consequences laid out below. If a slave is contacting me for the first time since reading these rules they should say, “Thank you for these Rules of Conduct, which I will obey so that I may be allowed to serve you, Goddess Kyaa.” This way I know they have actually read these rules and intend to obey them.


Consequences for Rule Breakers:

1. Warnings: Depending on the severity of your offense you may receive one or more warnings. I may lecture you, and you may have to pay for the honor of receiving this lecture. Learning your lesson when you are still in the “warning” stage is highly recommended. All slaves make mistakes and will have to be warned now and then.

2.  Fines: I will fine you anywhere between $30 (the standard Fuck Up Fee) and $1000+, depending on the severity, frequency and number of your offenses.

3. I will ignore/block you: Depending on the severity, frequency and number of your offenses this may be applied immediately or after warnings and/or fines. If fines are levied and remain unpaid you will be ignored/blocked. This means you will not receive my attention in any way, I will not chat with you, email you, talk with you, even if you wish to pay me for my time. If I have given you fines to pay that is the only way to be able to  be unblocked and allowed to communicate with me, serve me and worship me.

Finally, if a submissive is truly unable to follow my Rules they may be permanently ignored, banished from my presence and never again allowed to have personal contact with me.

42 thoughts on “Rules of Conduct

  1. Dear Mistress Kyaa. I know you are irrestable and superior to me. I am very respectful and i know my place. Your rules ate more thsn merciful. Mistress Kyaa, due to hospitslization which i mention later, i will tribute what i can when i get my checks. I will be very honest about my budget and may need you to work with me as you say. Im a good boy snd pet and rug and footstool slave is obediant
    I am new to your site but i have seen clips of you. Astonishing. I will never be rude but i want to beg for permission to ask you something
    I know i dont desetve this but i felt i could ask or beg in the proper way so as not to be like the other male dogs. If you will allow me to ask this please let me know
    Or how ever you want slave to get your answer. The question will be tastefull snd respectful
    It will.not be dirty ot sexusl or about nudity in any way
    Please may i ask Mistress Kyaa. I will tribute as soon as i can
    Waiting for my checks. Was in a life threatening situation in hospital for 38 days and in bed still but i am getting better
    Thinking of being a foot slave has kept me going
    Thats why i decided not to be so afraid of talking to Mistress goddess
    I was snd still are a gentleman and a funny guy you can show off like your clown
    Well Mistress Kayy, this slave will wait and hopefully we shall speak or communicate

  2. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for providing Rules of conduct for this slave to properly address and serve You 🙂


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