Goddess Day 2016 (AKA My Birthday) is Just 2 Weeks Away!

My faithful and devoted know October 30th, my birthday, as Goddess Day. Mark your calendars, bitches. Two weeks from today I celebrate my birthday! I’ll be opening piles of gifts, counting my tributes and partying like only a true fucking Goddess can… Of course, I deserve the absolute best on my birthday. I’ll celebrate in … More Goddess Day 2016 (AKA My Birthday) is Just 2 Weeks Away!

What’s Your Fetish?

Unless you are asexual there is something that arouses you. But what makes you horny is uniquely you. No two people have identical sexual appetites and the range of what is possible to be attracted to is only limited by human imagination. Since I began professionally exploring the world of fetishes and kinky sex as … More What’s Your Fetish?

Who’s Your Daddy?

I am, bitch. Wish your Daddy “Happy Father’s Day” now. I’ll put you in frilly panties and teach you to be my good little girl, you’ll call me Daddy and worship my strap-on cock every day… My Father’s Day jerk off instructions for dirty perverts: 1. Buy some clips. I highly suggest strap-on clips, so … More Who’s Your Daddy?

June Puzzle Post

It’s been a while since I’ve done a puzzle/game post, hasn’t it? I bet you boys will love spending a few hours doing some kinky puzzles I’ve put together for you. Don’t forget to thank me in the comments section. Tell me how long you spent on my puzzles and which ones are your favorite. … More June Puzzle Post

Clip Addict Contest Prizes

In February I had a contest for my Kinkbomb clip addicts. There were 3 potential winners. Guess how many of you perverts formally entered the contest? Just 3. So all 3 of the obedient subbies who actually entered the contest are winning epic prizes. Read all about the contest: https://goddesskyaa.com/2014/01/30/announcing-february-2014s-clip-addict-contest/ This is the first ever public … More Clip Addict Contest Prizes

Improve Your Submission

Are you submissive? Do you want to be better at submitting, better at pleasing your Owner? Then you need to actively learn more about submission, teaching yourself submissive skills, studying and mediating on the philosophy of submission, working hard to become the best submissive you can be. I’ve had requests for more educational blog posts, … More Improve Your Submission

Learn to Suck Dick from Domme Kyaa & Miss Lollipop!

Today I released a very educational video. When you watch this you’ll learn a useful new skill. I even brought in a special helper, Miss Lollipop! She’s going to assist me in demonstrating this skill, which is vital for all slaves but especially for feminized sissy sluts.   Learn to Suck Dick from Domme Kyaa … More Learn to Suck Dick from Domme Kyaa & Miss Lollipop!

2013 Photo Recap

It would be all to easy to allow 2013 to pass without pomp or circumstance. With my trip to Vegas in less than two weeks I almost don’t have the time to spend an hour or more gathering together photos from the past year and writing detailed captions for each of them, and yet… 2013 … More 2013 Photo Recap

Live Femdom Christmas Special, with Goddess Kyaa & Princess Nyx – December 25th, 2013

Here are all the details you need to watch the first ever Live Femdom Christmas Special! Princess Nyx arrives on Friday and will spend a whole week staying with me. We will film videos, abuse slaves online and of course drain some bank accounts this weekend before our unique holiday broadcast on the 25th.Check out … More Live Femdom Christmas Special, with Goddess Kyaa & Princess Nyx – December 25th, 2013