Trying out Chastity – A Slave’s Perspective

Recently a beta male minion contacted me and asked permission to lock his cock up in my honor. I discovered quickly that he had never actually worn a chastity device! So for his first round of chastity I commanded that he remain locked for a minimum of 48 hours, with forced worship of my photos and videos on my fan club. On day two I had him write 500 words on his experience. Read his submission below and then follow the links to learn more about wearing chastity and how to remain locked up long term.
All betas must learn to accept chastity. Honestly, you bitches don’t deserve to cum. So learn a little about wearing chastity today… soon I’ll be wearing the key to your cock cage on a silver chain.
Lock Up All Cocks
Lock Up All Cocks
  “Wearing chastity for the first time is very different than what i thought it would be. Starting with last night I hadn’t realized how powerless I would feel wearing this cage. when i put it on at first I was fine but soon after I was turned by seeing pictures of you and then watching your videos I didn’t know what to do. i felt lost being so turned on, unable to fully get hard and touch myself. Instead of just doing what I wanted, what I know, i could not. I felt as though I needed to ask your permission to do anything.
         After I woke up this morning to go to work I was more nervous than I thought I would be. at that same time I did not need to be worried at all, I was afraid of getting caught by almost every one, but having the chastity cage on isn’t even that noticeable. it seems more like a state of mind. i also begun to notice that almost instantly my mannerisms and speech are more calculated, because I felt more submissive. talking to girls not in any way particular, just normal conversation felt wrong like I shouldn’t talk to them because they are not you. I felt bad about it in a strange way. Then there was seeing guys, I instantly thought about there cocks, thinking about how they are not caged and could be hard right now.
          Even right now I am not a huge an of writing but I am writing you a 500 word essay. I didn’t say no, I didn’t try to talk to you down on how many words, I just wrote it. i don’t want to upset you, I did not want to do anything bad, I want to please you. I want to do what you say, im not even thinking about cumming right now, I just want to be good for you. im just sliding right into that beta role and I am not even being told to do it.
         At work today too just sitting down to pee, I was thinking oh my god I am being so submissive and girly. I had noticed the pubic hair and leg hair I have. Thinking that it was unattractive and maybe I should get rid of it so my cage and legs would be more flattering. But flattering in a feminine way.
I don’t know how feminine I would want to be, I do not think I could wear girl clothes out in public. but I won’t lie, I did think about the wearing girl clothes, it did cross my mind. Even the clips that were getting me extremely horny were the strap on clips. But I digress, it has only been one day and it is weird to think about how much my line of thought or perspective has changed in such a short amount of time. I am definitely excited to keep being in chastity for you.”
Chastity for Life!
Chastity for Life!
These links contain vital information on choosing a chastity device, wearing it and maintaining it hygienically. Do your research. It’s important to be an informed beta male, so that you can obediently serve in chastity long term!
This is just a start. I’ll post more information on chastity, my favorite cages and guides for locking yourself up in my honor, so keep an eye out! Begin with these links and buy yourself a basic chastity cage. Dedicate your beta dick to me, keep yourself caged and focus your energy on my pleasure.
Contact me directly for personal chastity training:


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