Breaking River Enza

In less than one week River Enza will begin five days of total domination, deprivation, objectification and torture. She will but put through a life-changing trial of submission, no mercy and no safewords.
River has had several sessions with Wolfgang in the last two years.
River has had several sessions with Wolfgang in the last two years.
On Monday she will be transported to Wolfgang’s farm. There she will be kept in degrading conditions, beaten, abused and humiliated at the whims of sadistic dominants who will enjoy breaking every last layer of ego leaving nothing but an obedient and accepting slave girl, forged in the fires of her suffering.
She has already come so far in the two years of her training. She has learned to live in a state of constant submission. Her entire life is already controlled by me. What she wears, where she goes, her money (she has only what I allow her), her body, her habits, her speech… I control it all. She is ready and eager to be broken.
The exact details of her trials will be documented. There will be extensive behind the scenes photos posted on Snapchat and my fan club, I will add sex workers to my Snapchat for free, while slaves may tribute $50 for lifetime access. Of course, when you follow me on Twitter & Instagram you’ll get to see photos each day, but  to see the rest you’ll need to join my fan club!
There will also be a series of videos that will come out of her experience, as well as several professional photosets. The content created will take a couple of weeks to be published, though… so follow me on Twitter, Instagram and join my fanclub!


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