BTS with Sadie Sayanova

Last week River and I were visited by a vision of beauty and a force of raw energy named Sadie Sayanova. This gorgeous femme is a writer, model and rapper who travels, creates art and who’s growing following include a large sub-section of submissives and fetishists. It’s no wonder why! She’s a 20 year old hottie with a twisted mind, she knows how to put horny old men in their place and enjoys being spoiled. What a perfect recipe for a budding Femdom SheGod!

The three of us spent the day dabbing as we discussed feminist philosophy, the destruction of the patriarchy and rape culture/general world domination (you know, girl things) while we rocked through multiple photoshoots. River was the photographer and art director of the day. In this photo above you can see her helping Sadie with her makeup while I creep in the mirror.

These are just behind the scenes snapshots. The photos that River took will be released later this week! Prepare to have your beta minds blown.

Follow Sadie on Instagram and Twitter.
Donate to her Paetron and watch out for her upcoming femdom and findom content. She’s not only gorgeous, she’s a natural domme with a real mean streak!

Plus, check out more of River’s photography when you follow her on Instagram, too.

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