Give Thanks to God(dess) Kyaa!

Assume the kneeling position and gaze in fucking awe and wonder at these gorgeous images.


By the time this post is published it will be America’s feast day. Known as ‘Thanksgiving’ this holiday is a commercialized shit-show of propaganda and privilege. While Native Americans, people of color, women and queers of all kinds face direct and systematic oppression heteronormative middle-class families pig out on battery-raised GMO foodstuffs. But you, you are celebrating the day of Giving Thanks, the day each year where you show your gratitude and express how thankful you are that I exist and allow you to serve me. Yet again I am perverting this bullshit tradition and re-focusing your energy on worshiping me, the incarnation of divine femininity and power.

Give thanks for each of these glorious autumnal photos, worship each of them with reverence. Then join my new private social media site to see the full set, 33 power-filled pictures to inspire yet deeper gratitude.


Queer Genderfluid Femme Daddy
Photos by River Enza
Makeup and hair by me
Dress: Jill Stuart, Shoes: H&M

Visit my Kinkbomb to find a collection of holiday themed videos, including humiliation assignment and Goddess worship.

2 thoughts on “Give Thanks to God(dess) Kyaa!

  1. Thanks and million thanks for my master, my reason to work and serve Goddess Kyaa.
    I honored to suffer so she walks on me and live like a God she is.
    Kneel and kiss the floor you walk on.


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