Light Tunnel Lingerie Photo Set

Waaaaaay back in spring (the chill of near-winter makes it seem so long ago) I spent a few special days in a gorgeous mansion in Las Vegas with some of the top professional dominant women of Kinkbomb at the Femdom Summit.

Videos are still being released from this epic meeting of powerful women across several studios, increasing our power and influence.

The group photos from that day continue to circulate, as well, gaining more likes, favorites, re-posts and re-tweets with each passing month.

Finally, however, I am excited to release the full set of photos taken in the secret underground light tunnel. In this set I am wearing high fashion lingerie, high heels & simply look gorgeous. The set was shot at about 2 in the morning, after I discovered this fantastic location whilst exploring the massive, sprawling underground complex beneath the mansion we stayed at… I convinced a photographer to join me for an impromptu session and the following set of photos is the result.

I just fucking love these pictures.


The full set is now available on Kinkbomb:

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