Goddess Day 2016 (AKA My Birthday) is Just 2 Weeks Away!

My faithful and devoted know October 30th, my birthday, as Goddess Day. Mark your calendars, bitches.
Two weeks from today I celebrate my birthday! I’ll be opening piles of gifts, counting my tributes and partying like only a true fucking Goddess can…
October 30th is Goddess Day
October 30th is Goddess Day
Of course, I deserve the absolute best on my birthday. I’ll celebrate in style and you may have the honor of paying tribute and buy gifts this month to be a part of my birthday party.
Obey these instructions carefully to properly show your adoration for my birthday this month!
  1. Open up my wishlist and buy a gift, get it wrapped, too! 
  2. Click here to visit PervOutPay and send a birthday tribute.
  3. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see photos of my birthday gifts being opened.
  4. Comment below & wish me happy birthday!
  5. BONUS POINTS: Write “Happy Birthday Goddess Kyaa” on your body & tweet a photo to me!
I have special Goddess Day themed video which will be released next week which will have specific instructions for what to do with your horny dick on my special day. I’ll post links on my Twitter, so you’ll be sure not to miss then when you follow instruction #3 above… Just know that you need to set aside some time on the 30th, at least an hour, during which you will have your cock under my control.
Hmm, is you little stick twitching with anticipation?
Good, put that energy to use. Obey my instructions above perfectly, only then might you be allowed to make a cummy puddle on my birthday with my permission.
Unless, of course, you are in chastity. In which case you will do all of that and strain helplessly in your cock-cage.
Gifts, tributes & adoration for my birthday!
Gifts, tributes & adoration for my birthday!
My minions celebrate my birthday like a national holiday or even as a holy day of worship. It’s certainly the most important day of the year to you worms. Make it a special one this year and fucking go broke spoiling me!

3 thoughts on “Goddess Day 2016 (AKA My Birthday) is Just 2 Weeks Away!

  1. I wish our Goddess let us compete this year too for her birthday. Would be real fun for her seeing her slaves trying so hard to gain her attention by buying and paying her more and more. Everybody wants to WIN to be her number one LOSER!

  2. Your Majesty..I am becoming one of your faithful believers and am somehow getting to realise that you might be the only God. Waiting helplessly for your birthday Goddess. In that very special day, I am going to prove my loyalty and faith to the one and only Goddess and give up all the control of my freaking life to her hands. May Goddess Kyaa bless us all.

  3. Alleluia ! Rejoice in Your Holy Name ! The most holiest day of the year ! Without Goddess Day there would be no salvation, filthy sperm would could not be converted to sacred cum by eating and swallowing it in Your Holy Name. Thank You for these five simple things to do in preparation for Goddess Day, which happens to be on Surrender Sunday. A day of Holy Cum-union !


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