Custom Video Pricing

Check out my list of fetish interests to see what kind of kinks I enjoy. As you’ll see it’s extensive and is regularly updated with new fetishes as I discover them. I will make videos covering a wide range of fetishes, always (of course) in the dominant/topping role.
Simple solo female domination themed video – 5 minutes long = $50
Simple solo female domination themed video – 10 minutes long = $100
A “simple” request has a pretty basic idea with a few key points, no special costumes or makeup and basic props. This could be anything from foot fetish to hypnosis to jerk off instructions and so much more. These videos generally have a turnover of three days to a week.
“I would like a custom video showing off your legs and feet in jean short shorts, with mean jerk off instructions. Please make me eat my cum at the end and use my name.”
“Can you make a custom hypno-domination video with close ups of your eyes, inducing a trance and implanting your secret commands into my brain. I especially am weak when you make me repeat back humiliating phrases while I am in a mindfucked state. Thank you, Goddess Kyaa!”
Detailed solo female domination themed video – 5 minutes long = $100+
Detailed solo female domination themed video – 10 minutes long = $200+
A “detailed” request has specific costumes, makeup, set-changes, larger/more props and a more detailed plot line. This could be a complex evil Giantess warrior fantasy, a twisted executrix tale or just about anything else your pervert mind can dream. The more details in a video request, the longer it will take to put together, film and edit. These clips can take from 2 weeks to a month or more.
“You are a demon who tempts me into cheating on my wife. First you come to me in my dreams and use your demon ass make me into your stupid horny slave, then you visit again the next night and make me dream of cock with your giant demon she cock, then the next night you implant the need to go out and suck a real life cock into me, laughing all the while because you know I will become a gay cock sucker. Please wear a pointed demon tail, demon horns and evil looking demon makeup and show off your very long red nails. If you can include special effects it would be great!”
Taboo requests:
Filthy fucking perverts who wish to have custom videos indulging their most darkly humiliating desires will have to pay more for the privilege. This is on a case-by-case basis and is non-negotiable. I will charge you $100’s more if I decide to do so, and you have no choice but to accept.
Email me with your request now:
Pay for a custom video:
NiteFlirt & Clips4Sale (+ %20 more to cover fees)
Leave your custom video reviews in the comments below, so everyone can see how much you adore my custom-made mindfucks!

3 thoughts on “Custom Video Pricing

  1. Simply by reading Your examples above made me commit sin and swallow my own filthy seed in Your Holy Name, thus transforming filthy sperm into sacred cum. Thank You Goddess Kyaa. You are the one, true and only living God.


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