Dependence Day

As my long-time addicts would know today, known as the 4th of July in the USA, is called Dependence Day around the world by all who adore me. Today you celebrate your total dependence on me… your dependence on me for your jerk off habits, to control your weak mind, to train you into a better slave, to teach you to be the best sissy you can be, to give you a fix of your need for feet, your dependence on me to tell you what to think, do and how to live your pathetic loser life.

Celebrate with these themed videos. Collect them all and spend the day watching them each.



Kinkbomb Clips4Sale

Domme Kyaa Fourth of July Nails Worship gif




Domme Kyaa Drool for My American Ass gif






Click Pay Obey

Comment below & tell everyone which of these videos are your favorite of the set!

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