Chealsea Poe was kind enough to give me a sneak peek at her new trans BDSM porn, FETISH FVCKDOLLS this week. It was released yesterday so get it while it’s fresh, perverts.

This mix-tape of queer BDSM is a rare gem, a special treat to be enjoyed in the evening with a glass of wine – or, if you’re like me, a large blunt. I took the time to look at each with a discerning eye in this review.

Purveyors of BDSM porn will quiver for the vast array of kink on display and purveyors of trans porn will gush for the rainbow of bodies represented herein. This is a kind of magical crossing of trans and BDSM scenes into some of the hottest scenes I’ve been lucky enough to view.

Click below to view the preview video and download all three scenes in one juicy package for just $25. Quite the fucking deal. Then continue on to read my review. I’ve already cum several times watching these scenes… so since I’m not going to do rating based reviews, I’ll say it’s HIGHLY recommended viewing!

“bad ballerina”
Clothing destruction happens to be one of my favorite fetishes so I especially enjoyed the beginning of this scene. The fun only begins when her tights are torn open, with spankings, slaps and strap-ons… This naughty tutu clad cutie clearly loves to be abused, as she giggles in delight from each smack and pinch. This scene has a more raw feel to it, but it well lit and in focus throughout.
“cheat ON chelsea”
A feast of humiliation is served up to Chelsea in part 2, a scene which is both full of degradation and yet sweetly sensual. When Chelsea comes home to find her girlfriend in bed with a hottie it doesn’t take long until the cheaters have her in a compromising position. She becomes their squirt slut, being humiliated as they use her face as a fuck toy and literally fucking on top of her. The camera work in this scene is gorgeous, you’ll feel like you’re in the room. It evokes a voyeuristic feel and I like it. Flimsy story line aside, this kinky and humiliating scene is beautifully intimate. Romantic degradation is my new fetish.
“dungeon pet”
It’s not often that I find myself returning to the same scene in one day so I can savor the details again with my trusty magic wand in hand, but this particular scene has more than a few details to savor. Bondage, beatings and butt-fucking, oh my! Queer BDSM at it’s finest, with a gorgeous Domina commanding her trembling slave girl, leading her with grace from one torment to the next. Well-lit and shot dynamically, you’ll see every detail of this slave girls delicious torture. Sit back and relax with this one, take your time and enjoy every second of the 42 minute scene. I did. Several times.



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