Raw Kink – Kyaa Dominates Lollipop

Raw Kink – Kyaa Dominates Lollipop

This is absurdly hot, real and intense BDSM between myself and the beautiful Miss Lollipop. Her submission is tested as she is forced to endure a cruel spanking in strict bondage in order to earn the strap-on fucking she’s craving.

Below you’ll find a preview, which includes a moment from the scene negotiation, more of which is included at the end of the full video. Try not to drool all over yourself as you watch it, you’ll need that drool for lube when you’re watching the uncut 33 minute long scene in all it’s glory…

Buy the full video:

3 thoughts on “Raw Kink – Kyaa Dominates Lollipop

  1. Mistress Kyaa, I am so turned on by the pictures of youwearing the strap-on. I am dreaming of you turning me into your strap-on ass fucked bitch. I haven’t any experience, so I beg that you be patent and gentle with my introduction. I also know that the photos of my experience are yours to sell. I only wish to be worthy of your attention, and instruction.


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