Nominate Goddess Kyaa!

Later this year Fetish Con will host their first annual Fetish Con Awards and nominations are open! This means that you can write in my name to get me nominated. Of course, it will require all of my minions working together.

Each of you needs to click the link below and fill in my name, “Goddess Kyaa” in each appropriate category.

Nominate Goddess Kyaa, minions.
Nominate Goddess Kyaa, minions.

Bonus points! Make my slave girl River Enza the “Trans Performer of the Year” too!

What fun, my Empire of minions stuffing the virtual ballot box will insure my nomination!

3 thoughts on “Nominate Goddess Kyaa!

  1. Sadly it seems I am too late to nominate Goddess Kyaa. Next time I will hopefully not fail to be of assistance to You Goddess!


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