Valentines Day approaches, minions!

Since you won’t have a date this Valentines Day you can BE MINE when you spend this romantic holiday watching my kinky femdom videos. Turn your loser brain off and zone out to my expertly crafted fetish videos which will keep you stroking, oinking and in total submission for hours!

Use this coupon code to get %10 off videos on my Kinkbomb studio between now and Valentines Day:


Good boys who belong to Goddess Kyaa spend Valentines Day on their knees watching my kinky videos.
Good boys belong to Goddess Kyaa and spend Valentines Day on their knees watching my videos.

Comment below and confess your love for me! Then get shopping.

This coupon code is a rare and special treat. Use it to build up a collection of my powerful femdom videos. Make sure they are downloaded and on a computer or laptop you will use on Valentines Day.

When the special day arrives on February 14th you must set aside a few hours for a special date.

To begin your Valentines bitch date light a few candles. They should be body-safe low temperature candles.

Kneel in front of your computer and begin watching… Do not touch yourself, yet.

Watch three different videos before you begin rubbing your horny self.

As you touch yourself you must slap your thighs and balls, stroking and slapping yourself….

Edge this way, torturing yourself as you watch three more videos.

As you watch the seventh video you must drip hot wax from the candles onto your already tender thighs.

Finally, pay a cum tax of $50 in tribute.

When you click the payment button and lay your tribute at my feet you will push yourself over the edge into orgasm and squirt your cummy mess!

Bonus: lick up your mess, show me your gratitude by cleaning up every drop.


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