2016 is here!

How did you ring in the New Year, perverts?
I went to a very special event with my slave girl River. As the clock struck midnight we were kissing passionately in an art gallery, live music playing, confetti dropping, surrounded by a thousand beautiful people in gorgeous costume.
After a day of rest and recovery at a friends we made it home, where yet more rest and recovery was needed. Yesterday I was back in the office and getting into that frequent-update habit once more. There are new works of fiction coming up as well as information on how to serve me in person, what my kinky 24/7 lifestyle is like. New videos are going up on my stores and my social media is full of sexy photos that will make you weak in the knees.
Bookmark my video stores and visit them daily to find all my kinky new content, minions!
NYE 2016 countdown2

4 thoughts on “2016 is here!

  1. Gorgeous most powerful Goddess I spent my New years eve wanking to your amazing YouTube Video fantasizing about waiting in your hall way on my hands and knees for your return from partying so I could have the ultimate privilege of kissing licking cleaning your stunning worn out feet.
    Hope you and River have a fantastic 2016


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