Kyaaism Sundays

Tomorrow morning I will host the 4th Kyaaism church service. This is still a budding endeavor, growing and changing with each week… but for those of you who have yet to attend and are interested in learning more about Kyaaism, read on:

The past few Sundays (with one missed week in the middle) I have used the website Chaturbate to broadcast a live religious service for Kyaaists.

Just a couple of dozen dedicated worshipers were there for the first ever Kyaaism worship hour, but by the next service my chat room was filled with believers, new convertees and long-time believers alike.

Each Sunday I begin by giving a sermon, a talk on Kyaaism that will illuminate and enlighten those who wish to learn more about this budding new religion. Afterwards, I lead my congregation in what is called Holy Cum Union, a sacred ritual of masturbation and cum eating in my honor. Finally, there is time for questions from my worshipers. This is their chance to ask me about Kyaaism, worship, how they can best serve me or whatever other curiosity. All of this is free, my way of giving back to my many adoring minions.

Join me tomorrow morning for Sunday Worship!

10 thoughts on “Kyaaism Sundays

  1. i too hope to see more sessions with the greatest of all Goddess’s, Kyaa, and have the opportunity to learn all of the tenets of Kyaa’ism, in the hopes that one day i will be a less unworthy adherent… please, for the sake of Your followers and disciples and worshippers, oh great One, please put more of Your teachings out there for us to lap up like the pathetic followers of You we are..
    Thank You Goddess!

  2. Begging on my hands and knees and praying for your — forgiveness I just purchased your incredible Video kyaaism confess and pray and I have also sent a small tribute of $20 wish it could be more please please please forgive me oh! Great one

  3. Thank you for sharing your perfect body and mind with us. I discovered you very recently, so I missed those sessions. Will you do more of them? Anyway, you have a new fan.


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