Untitled #2

Some of my longer stories have been languishing (like Serve & Obey, which I really must spend some time on again!) but I have been working on a few very short little bits of erotica. Snack sized erotica.

Most of these things I’m playing with don’t even have titles so I just chose one that is good-enough (nothing is ever finished) and am sharing it.

Feedback is always appreciated, but I’m sure most of you will just fap to the idea of being pimped out.

Untitled #2

The asphalt in the alleyway is hard but you won’t notice that your knees are bruised until much later. This is just the start of a very long night.

While the john in front of you unzips his jeans you wet your lips and lean in, not wasting your time. As soon as his half-hard cock slips out from the top of his boxers you swallow it.

If you can make him cum quickly you can move onto the next one, and the next.

If you’re lucky and they are all easy you will have swallowed a dozen or so loads of hot sticky cum and be curled up, sleeping peacefully on a mat at the end of her bed where she lets you sleep if you are good, by dawn.

That doesn’t happen often, though.

Usually there are at least a few who want to take their time, some get rough with you, others are so old or intoxicated that you can’t make them cum.

When that happens you only make it through a few cocks and the stack of bills in her ever-perfectly manicured hands at the end of the night isn’t big enough to satisfy her.

Of course, if she isn’t satisfied you will be kept in the tiny cage in the basement until the next night.

And so you gag, hoping that your throat is tight enough to make him cum.

In the corner of your eye you can see her at the entrance to the ally, a tall man is talking to her, handing over money.

She has her eye on you as she takes the bills and her red lips twist in a knowing smirk.

There’s a line forming. It’s going to be a very long night.

3 thoughts on “Untitled #2

  1. Thank you for this submission, Goddess. I have had the honor of sending tribute today, and am thrilled at the prospect of continuing to do so.

  2. Thank You! i love reading your stories, especially when they involve power exchange and humiliation. The thought of you being able to make a man do anything you want to him is so exciting!

  3. Your sense of humor always makes me laugh “Feedback is always appreciated, but I’m sure most of you will just fap to the idea of being pimped out.” Almost ! #smile

    It’s the gleam in Your eyes that makes one want to satisfy You no matter what’s in hand or mouth or…. That part is reality. For the fiction part i substitute the guys to girl penis. I like that this is short & sweet and to the point ! It’s so You Goddess Kyaa ! Satisfy You !


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