Bisexual Pride!

For the past 7 years I have used the term “lesbian” to describe my sexuality, and for much of that time the label felt true. Over time though I began feel less and less comfortable with using this label as I realized that I didn’t fit neatly within the confines the “lesbian” box.

My sexuality is complicated, messy, evolving, fluid, dynamic and continues to surprise even me. This isn’t something I feel I can easily label. There are no easy to throw-around words that fully encompass my multi-faceted sexuality. Certainly not “lesbian.”

So, in honor of Pride, and in solidarity with my LGBTQ peers around the globe, I am coming out anew:


I am bisexual.


This is currently the label I am most comfortable using. Although it may not perfectly sum-up my sexuality it now feels more honest than calling myself a lesbian. I have spent far too long debating with myself, philosophizing, examining these words from all angles. Lesbian, bisexual, pansexual. Any of these three words could describe me depending on a given situation or in relation to different people. My sexuality isn’t simple, but for simplicities sake I will, for now, use the label bisexual to describe myself.

In follow up posts I may write more about my sexuality, how it has evolved, why I am choosing to use the label bisexual even if it doesn’t perfectly fit my sexuality and more.

Right now I will take a moment to say to all you horny males out there thinking, “Oh, wonderful! That means she will fuck me!”, you must remind yourself that I am just as unobtainable and out of your league as I have ever been…
There fact remains that I am a fucking Goddess, perfection incarnate. My complex sexuality is a facet of my divinity, one to be revered and worshiped, no matter what label is used to describe it.

6 thoughts on “Bisexual Pride!

  1. Well… humbly i say that if one really pays attention to every word You speak, every move You make [that one is allowed to see] like i humbly do, this is not breaking news to me. What’s important is that YOU feel comfortable as life moves on. Truly love You being happy, always have & always will.

    From a “selfish” aspect totally ecstatic that because of Your honesty, i don’t have to “think” any more. #smile Thank You Goddess Kyaa !


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