Webcam Schedule, May 20-23

This week I’m dedicating hours over 4 days to webcamming! Check out my schedule below and plan to be online at the same time as me, or even contact me ahead of time to secure your session before it’s too late.

May 20: 5pm-8pm

May 21: 10pm-Late

May 22: 8pm-Late

May 23: 8pm-Late

All times are in Pacific Standard Time (pro-bitch tip: set the time on your computer to my time zone so you always know what time it is in Goddess Land.) and on the days that I will end “late” that is an open-ended time, however late in the evening I feel like saying online, could be 11pm, could be 2am.

Always check my Twitter for final notice, I will announce there when I am online and when I stop taking sessions for the night.

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