Financial Domination Panel on HuffPostLive

It seems politicians are always getting caught with their pants around their ankles or in this case their credit card in one hand and their dick in the other. Calling himself “bitch boy” Indiana congressman Justin Moad was stupid enough to get caught sexting and buying gifts for Sydney Leathers. If you don’t remember that name, don’t worry. It would be easy to forget Anthony Weiner’s pathetic attempt at a comeback, when in 2013 Leathers was identified as Weiner’s online mistress he was publicly disgraced for a second time.

Dr. Sue Storm, Angelique Raine, Sasha Conceited and Mike Stabile joined me on Huffington Post Live for a panel discussion on financial domination and how powerful men like the congressman become pay-pigs to beautiful women.

Watch and listen, then come back here to read more of my thoughts on the subject.

Financial domination is one of my favorite fetishes. Through findom a sub can directly serve and submit, giving me their hard earned money in return for little or nothing. Sending tributes or paying extravagant webcam rates is a psychological thrill that can’t be beat. The rush of endorphens a submissive experiences when they buy an expensive gift, send a large tribute or get empty their bank account during a live webcam session is thrillingly addictive. For a pay-pig (as you horny boys reading this are called) the very act of spending money on a ravishing young woman is erotic. These findom fetishists are eager to spoil their Mistress and often crave the feeling of being manipulated or pushed helplessly to the point of financial ruin. It doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor, they sacrifice for the woman they serve and it feels good.

In a capitalist society that values male strength a financial dominatrix has real power. It may seem strange to some, but to me it’s a way of life.



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6 thoughts on “Financial Domination Panel on HuffPostLive

  1. OOOHHH Goddess Kyaa!!! You have no idea how wonderful (and gratifying….and intoxicating) it was to see You strut Your stuff on national TV!! To be the ’go-to authority’ on the subject. To be so confident and smirking and shockingly explicit as You were. I bet You made a lot of ‘vanilla’ people very uncomfortable watching that…the boxed-in ‘men’ in the audience feeling strangely throbbing for You and the boxed-in ‘women’ feeling strangely moist. Thousands…MILLIONS…of people had the privilege of being YOUR bitches, if only for a moment. Wow, WOW, and YAAAYYY You!!!! It might sound ridiculous to say, as Your permanently lowly shaved little sissy, but I felt a bursting of PRIDE in the way You conducted Yourself. You were speaking for more than only Yourself. You were speaking to the WORLD about Your own enjoyment, yes, but also for Your minions.
    The only thing that upset me about Your interview was the trivial way the ‘host’ ran things. It was almost a sick voyeurism thing that she was doing there, disrespectful to You and to all of Your pets. And even after You kindly corrected her about the pronunciation of Your Name, she still kept referring to You as “Kay-uhh”. That seemed almost deliberately rude, and dismissive of You. It was very disturbing. If I may say, she should spend a weekend as Your slave before she ever speaks about the subject again. THEN she might truly appreciate who You are, without trivializing Your experiences and Your expertise and Your hard work. And without trivializing the genuinely beautiful experiences You give Your minions. She should have to kneel naked before You, feeling the helplessness of being in the presence of Your Perfection, learning new things about her own sexuality and giving in to her latent need and desire to KISS YOUR PERFECT ASS!! You know she went home that night and fingered herself just DREAMING of being made into Your bitch, don’t You?? I’ll even bet that she imagined being severely punished by You for mispronouncing Your name!!!!

  2. Congratulations ! Such an effective appearance!

    Away from the subject of this , Goddess Kyaa your appearance took me back to your Youtube channel, back there when you were posting clips about your own philosophy.

    Now back to the panel discussion, I love it when the lady said you are dominating them. that was so hot and it was true. Also your convince about zero % chance for sexual activities. that was hot too.

  3. Congratulations on great appearance!!!

    i am so happy having found You in June 2010 and finally converted to Kyaaism in June 2014!

    You are the One True Goddess!

  4. Goddess Kyaa, it’s almost a shame that You were not the congressman’s online mistress. Serving You could never be grounds for public disgrace!

  5. i must be different. I spend thousands on dollars on furs, clothing, and dungeon equipment. I am happy Goddess Kyaa is pleased but i get no such excitement after spending. I get more stress as i have to come up with money when bill comes due. But after seeing Goddess in those furs, or using equipment i purchased in a custom video takes me to an excitement that nothing can top!


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