Better Than Any Fantasy

While many of you fantasize about serving me in person and dream of being my live-in bitch, one very lucky and hard working sissy slave-in-training understands that reality is better than any fantasy.

Few have been privilege to this information, until now!

Stormy, and I standing over River
Serving in a home with two dominant women puts Sissybot to the test on a daily basis!

River Enza, aka Sissybot, and my owned property, is being kept as my live-in slave! For a few months now, actually, River has been kept in my home for 24-hour a day service, submission and training. In that time River has proven herself to be a helpful pet, working hard each day to earn her keep and prove herself worthy so that she can continue to serve as my personal house-sissy, assistant, maid, chef, hand maiden, or whatever other role I choose for her.

Locked in chastity!
Instead of having the freedom to rub her clitty whenever she wants, River must suffer in chastity. I hold all the keys, so she has no choice but to obey and hope to earn her orgasms.

As well as house-sissy duties, River is beginning a journey into becoming a professional slut. Already she’s appeared in several kinky videos for me and a few other local producers. In January she joined me in Las Vegas and spent a week filming kinky porn. Now I have my sissybot slut making money sucking cock and getting abused on camera! In the coming weeks you’ll even see River open up her own clip stores full of kinky sissy porn you can add to your collection.

Dominated by my friends...
Of course, I never hesitate to share my slave with my girlfriends. We love to gang up on Sissybot, tormenting the cute little slut for our own amusement.

Now, with Stormy living here, the lucky sissy River serves in a house of dominant women. Think of what fun have with this bitch! Keep an eye out for upcoming posts on this sissy’s training and life as our live-in slave.

Spanked regularly.
This sissy’s ass can take a hard spanking once properly warmed up. I enjoy taking my time, often with a friend, to spank River until she’s braindead and sore for days.

River’s training has only just begun. This year will be an intense year for my sissybot. This bitch will be put through rigorous training until she is capable of taking high levels of kinky abuse and maintaining a deeply submissive state of mind for long periods.

Stay tuned for regular training updates. Not only will I be blogging about River’s training, but I have assigned a regular blog post to my slave-in-training as well. Follow River on social media to find unique photos of me and discover all the naughty things this slut does in my name.

Diapered and Regressed
Keeping my sissy-baby in diapers and regressing her so I can re-raise her as an obedient sissy girl, is my newest fetish. River has no choice but to comply with my wishes, now that I’ve discovered my mommy-play fetish.

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Read River’s free sissy blog:

6 thoughts on “Better Than Any Fantasy

  1. Sissybot’s role in Your household takes the concept of submission to a new level!

    Thank You for sharing this information! This mind-blowing post makes not only an educational but also a truly worshipful Scripture for any Kyaaist.


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