Woman Crush Everyday

I love women. It’s no secret. Here are but a few of the beautiful women I crush on that I’ve been lucky enough to meet and work with. One of the many reasons I love my career is that I get to meet gorgeous people and do naughty things with them on camera. Really, I have crushes on dozens of beautiful women, but these few are ladies I’ve actually met and happen to have easy to access photos of us together.

Domme Jayne
Who wouldn’t crush on this cute seductress? Jayne continues to be one of my favorite women to lust after.
Domina Snow
This woman is undeniably powerful, ridiculously sexy and so smart it’s kinda scary. And my total crush. ❤
Janey Jones
What a good girl Janey is for me. I can’t stop crushing on this beautiful sex angel since I played with her late last year.
Stormy Petrelle
Making out and dominating boys is our favorite past time. And now we even live under the same roof! ❤
Shauna Raynne
Wielding big black cocks with Shauna Ryanne, my favorite red headed vixen. How hard I crush on this woman is really indescribable. She makes me wet with that evil grin.


6 thoughts on “Woman Crush Everyday

  1. As a Goddess You deserve all the loving, satisfaction and pleasure in the world!!! As a slave i deserve none of those things! i am grateful for every glimpse of Your fabulous Goddess life! Your happiness is my happiness!


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