What’s Your Fetish?

Unless you are asexual there is something that arouses you. But what makes you horny is uniquely you. No two people have identical sexual appetites and the range of what is possible to be attracted to is only limited by human imagination.

Strap-on Fetish?
Do you dream of women with big rubber cocks? What about a woman with a real cock? Do you dream of having your holes filled by my huge dick?

Since I began professionally exploring the world of fetishes and kinky sex as a young Domina I have been introduced to more new fetishes by my submissives and fans then I could have imagined. Some of those new fetishes became integrated into my own sexuality, some have become fetishes I play with in front of the camera on a regular basis and some of those fetishes turned out to just not be my cup of tea.

Jeans Fetish?
Jeans are just another one of the many random fetishes I’ve encountered along the way. Does a pair of tight blue jeans make you pant?

If I were to try to list the fetishes I am interested in you’d see a very large list indeed. That’s why I made a whole page of kinks I enjoy. But not all of those are my *personal* favorites.

At least one pervert out there loves seeing me dress up as a fierce gladator/warrior and telling tales of defeating weak male opponents. Does that make you horny? Maybe you too have a gladiatrix fetish!
At least one pervert out there loves seeing me dress up as a fierce gladator/warrior and telling tales of defeating weak male opponents. Does that make you horny? Maybe you too have a gladiatrix fetish!

So I bet you’re wondering, what are my personal fetishes?

Bondage, spankings, oral sex, gender bending/androgyny/trans/queer folk (basically gender non-conformity), using a strap-on/wearing a cock (see gender non-conformity), foot worship (I *love* having my feet worshiped, kissed, touched, even licked/sucked on – by the right person), money (large sums make me drippy in my panties), mommy role play, diapers, feminization (again, see the gender non-conformity bit), gay sex (the man on man type), lace, silk, voyeurism and exhibitionism are a few of my personal favorite fetishes.

Armpit Fetish? Sweat Fetish?
My underarms, my armpit hair and my sweat, too. All are fetishised by horny males around the world. Do my underarms make you weak? What about my underarm hair? Is my sweat ambrosia to you?

As time goes on and I continue to learn more, explore further into my sexuality, I am sure I will find new fetishes and see old ones fall out of favor. This is my journey of self discovery.

Legs Fetish? Ass Fetish?
My long slender legs are the stuff of wet dreams and my tight young ass will make any man kneel. But do you take your love of them to the fetish level?

So I’m curious to know, what is your fetish? What turns you on? What makes your heart race and the blood rush between your legs? Tell me.

Leather Glove Fetish?
Leather is a huge fetish category unto itself. Do you like leather gloves? Leather skirts or jackets? Is it the smell, the feel of it on your skin, the way it looks on my body?

Put some thought into it. Dig deep. What makes you get off every time without fail?

Ballet Slipper Fetish?
For every type of footwear there are fetishists who love them. Do you have a ballet slipper fetish? Do my pointed toes in my little pink ballet slippers make your dick twitch?

Is there an otherewise seemingly non-sexual object or action that arouses you? A specific body part you cannot stop obsessing over or a fantasy that plays in your head every time you touch yourself?

Ballbusting Fetish?
Most men would cringe, but you just get hard. When I bust balls do you get turned on? Do you dream of feeling my swift kicks between your legs?

What’s your fetish?

10 thoughts on “What’s Your Fetish?

  1. Omg, I have so many fetishes now. Jeans, skirts, lip gloss, the color pink, garters and hose, leggings, shiny leggings, brainwashing, mind fucking, hypnosis, chastity, t&d, panties, pantyhose, bratty domination, bratty voices and tones, religious worship, on and on…
    Thank You Goddess Kyaa!

  2. Hi Goddes Kyaa, my fetish is to be turned into a woman, with srs and all and become a 24/7 slave . Everytime i think about it i can’t control myself, i’m even almost unable to think about other things.

  3. After a few days afterthought i would say that when a curvy slender lady with long blond hair dressed in blue jeans looks at me i am sold. i get a sudden urge to kneel down and ask if i can do anything to serve and please her.

  4. I think you know all my fetishes. The reason your customs blow my mind is the way you incorporate all of them at the same time, each series continues to get better and better.
    This is one reason i have become so addicted. Here is a list, i hope i didn’t forget any.
    Femdom of coarse, Furs, extreme make-up, Fem Fatal, hair, bondage, cages, latex, worship, lips, feet, and anything that comes from Goddess – poo, spit, underarm hair, sweat, toe nail clippings…..

  5. Goddess Kyaa,

    As cheesy and cliche as it sounds, the thought of being able to somehow please You and bring a smile to Your face is a huge turn on. More concretely though, satin, latex, lingerie and humiliation are always favorites 🙂


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