So Much Kink (in ONE week!)

Of course I arrived home from my AVN’s/AEE Las Vegas trip with what is commonly referred to as the Con Cold. My immune system wasn’t quite able to handle the awesomeness. So I’ve spent the last 9 days recovering, making sure I am fully healthy instead of pushing myself through it like I might usually.

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram while I was away you have already seen dozens of sexy photos from my kinky adventures in Sin City. But you horny minions must be aching for a peek at the content I shot!

This is just a taste of the awesome new content that will be available on my Kinkbomb and Clips4Sale soon! Everything you see below happened in a single week, January 19 to 27. An epic week of kink, indeed.

AVNs 2015 Jasmine 1


Filming with Jasmine Mendez is always a pleasure. She’s one of my favorite people in the industry. And since we live just a few hours from each other we made plans to meet up locally and film more videos for you bitches. Giantess fantasies and leg worship videos featuring us coming soon!

AVNs 2015 Pasily Lolly AVNs 2015 Pasily Lolly 3 AVNs 2015 Pasily Lolly 2If you don’t know who Lolli, MissLollipopMFC, is, well… your life just isn’t complete. This bundle of adorable sexiness is my camgirl obsession. We’ve filmed together before (look for her on my stores!) and have had great chemistry. So when she suggested that I film with her and her friend Paisley, aka PicNicMFC, I eagerly accepted. The three of us filmed some powerful triple femdom videos with River as our victim before I stripped them down and fucked them both! I only wish I had more time to play with these beautiful women. Whether topping or bottoming, both Lolli and Paisley are incredibly gorgeous and so much fun!

AVNs 2015 Bunny 1 AVNs 2015 Bunny 3

This was my second time filming with the busy blonde camgirl Sexxy Bunny. She’s a budding domme herself, and received a lesson on smothering slaveboys with her big perky breasts after I first tied her up and made her squirt with my magic wand. Bunny is such a sexy and fun to play with performer, I’d shoot with her any day! She’s also a natural domme!

AVNs 2015 Kade 1 AVNs 2015 Kade 2 AVNs 2015 Kade 3 AVNs 2015 Kade 4

Deviant Kade was one of my first shoots and one of the longest. This boy is a well behaved and professional pup, arriving on time and working hard until the end of the shoot. It turned out that diapering horny little boys is one of my favorite new fetishes, so I played mommy all night, putting both Kade and River in diapers. We filmed several super kinky videos, including a hand job scene with me and an extra naughty gay diaper sex scene between Kade and River.

AVNs 2015 Julie 2 AVNs 2015 Julie 1

The very last shoot of the trip was with the renowned dominatrix and fetish model Julie Simone. If you don’t know who she is, educate yourself. Then try to grasp just what an honor it was for River to receive a spanking from this legendary domina. I had the honor of being able to teach Julie about ABDL and diaper fetish, showing her just what an effective tool it is for putting horny boys in their place. We diapered River and spanked him, even plugging him then spanking him again, effectively inventing a new form of domination… spank fucking! With each spanking the plug is shoved into the slave’s ass, slides out again, and is spanked back into the helpless slave’s hole again and again.

By the end of the week River’s ass was bruised and so tender the poor thing had quite and uncomfortable plane ride back to the NW. During each shoot my Sissybot also filmed a video or two for his stores. By the end of the month you should start seeing kinky new clips produced by River.

I already have new content from my 2015 AVN trip being published on my stores. Check them daily for kinky new videos to add to your collection.

This post still only scratches the surface on the week I spent in Las Vegas last month. I have about a thousand photos from my phone and from other people still filtering their way back to me.

If you boys show enough interest I’ll do a follow up blog with a few stories from my trip and more photos of my kinky adventures. Ask me questions below or just comment and ask for more!

2 thoughts on “So Much Kink (in ONE week!)

  1. I can’t tell You how strangely satisfying it is to know that You are happily indulging and enjoying Yourself 24/7 Goddess Kyaa! I must admit that when I first became Your property I would occasionally find myself feeling ‘jealousy’ at Your sexual escapades. I would immerse myself in the details, feel ‘neglected’ that I wasn’t somehow ‘included’, and selfishly pout. But happily….VERY happily!…my sense of submission to You has matured. Now, I just LOVE hearing about Your adventures. Although I am merely a helpless slave minion, and YOU are The Queen of The Universe, I somehow almost live vicariously through them. When You gush about someone You have had the privilege of meeting (and usually tying up and/or spanking, LOL…) it makes me smile! Thinking about You being happy and fulfilled and just being so free to be YOU is a warm little feeling that is hard to explain. Whenever I have the chance to catch up with Your adventures either here on Your blog or on Twitter it’s a rare opportunity to just feel for a few moments that all is right in the world. No one blowing up a building, no planes crashing, no one being discriminated against because they’re this color or this creed or this sex or of this belief system. Just JOY at being alive and experiencing that to the fullest! Call it hedonism perhaps, but maybe the world needs a bit more of that all around. It definitely needs more people like You and Ms Lollipop and Ms Simone and River…people who are sunshine not rain. And way more SPANK FUCKING!!! 🙂


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