There’s Never Enough, It Seems

Time is a tricky thing, and as of late especially difficult for me to find all the hours I need (or is it want?). One of the results of which as been the continued neglect of my website. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean I’m not active or that I do not have big new updates in the works.

Gears are grinding, shit is being shat, balls are rolling… Stuff’s happening. Not all of this stuff is any of your damned business, but much of it has to do with kinky new content and awesome stuff I’ll share with you in due time. So, just worry about enjoying the new clips I will be releasing while I am away for the 2015 AVN’s! Very sexy, totally irresistible, kinky new clips you just don’t want to miss.

A sneak-peek preview from an upcoming clip.  Follow me on Twitter to get links to my new clips when they are released.
A sneak-peek preview from an upcoming clip. Follow me on Twitter to get links to my new clips when they are released. Note: I posted this last night on Instagram. Follow me to get instant updates.

If I can find some extra time (gotta check under the big black dildos) I will post about who I am shooting with before I leave on Sunday. Don’t hold your breath though. Instead, follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Yeah, you could follow me on one, but follow me on all of them to make sure you don’t miss a thing! There are dozens of gorgeous people I’ll be filming with, meeting, hanging out with, partying with… and I’ll be traveling with my sissy assistant River (who’s soon opening her own clip stores and will be working as a fetish model while in Vegas with me!).

Pro tip: Create NEW accounts, with a new email address, just to follow me and other kinky, sexy people. Don’t use your random account or your family account to follow me. Come on, seriously. Create a porn twitter, instagram and tumblr. Use a porn email. Don’t be a dumbass.

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4 thoughts on “There’s Never Enough, It Seems

  1. Your ever-adoring sissysplosh well knows the feeling of ‘never enough time’ Goddess Kyaa. Life just goes that way. Enjoying a rare block of time to try to catch up and worship You this weekend, though. Thank You for taking a moment from Your wonderful escapades to share with Your devoted minions! Yay YOU forever! Sincerely hope all is smiles and roses for You!

  2. Thank You for taking a few moments of Your time to post this in Your Bible.Your last paragraph is great advice for all…except, i am proud to say, for me. When You gave me the privilege to lock Your collar with Your Name engraved in it around my neck for life, at that moment there is no separation from the “porn” world and the so called “real” world. On August 5th 2011, that ended for me. It is kink of tricky sometimes, but there in no hiding [for lack of a better word] for Your permanently collard slave. As a matter of fact….. it’s impossible! lol Thank You Goddess Kyaa!

    It’s a fine line on social media [where i seem to get confused sometimes] when i go outside of the “porn” [so to speak] world, on twitter specifically. Guess i’m saying that i wear Your collar/Name around my unworthy neck 24/7 with pride everywhere i go. There is not a lot of room for separation/ living two lives. lol It doesn’t work that way in “real” life for me….all because of You! Thank You Goddess Kyaa!


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