Travel in Early 2015

The New Year is quickly approaching. As you may know January brings the AVN’s in Vegas, but that’s just the start of my jam-packed schedule in 2015.

Below you’ll find my travel dates for the next few months. If you are a professional model or producer and want to work with me while I’m in your city please contact me!

January 19 – 30th 2015: Las Vegas, NV – I’ll be in Sin City during the AVNs and filling my days with kinky shoots. If you want to take me shopping while I’m in town you will need to pay for the session ahead of time, but note that I will not be offering private sessions.

Feb-March: Seattle, WA and Columbus, OH – The dates are not set yet on these trips, but when they are confirmed I’ll post an update. Sessions might be available, so keep an eye out for that update.

March 29 – April 6: San Francisco, CA – I’m excited about this one, so many amazing people in the SF area I can’t wait to meet! I’ll be too busy to accept any session requests, so don’t bother.

And that’s just what I have planned so far! It seems that traveling and shooting kinky porn with sexy people is becoming my new favorite thing to do, so don’t be surprised to see me doing even more.

What this means for my minions/addicts/fans is this: More mind-blowing kinky content, more drool-inducing blog posts full of sordid tales of my sexual exploits, more opportunities to meet me in cities around the US (and soon, the world) and more dirty photos on my social media.

It may be harder to get me on camera for webcam sessions, but all you have to do is follow my twitter to know when I am available. I always announce it, and even post photos of what I’m wearing. It is always possible to arrange a webcam session privately, though! Don’t forget that you can email me and arrange a session for a specific time and date we can both be online.

@DommeKyaa on Twitter

Soon I’ll have all my travel dates fully confirmed and arrangements made. Now is the time to send tributes to help fund my travel! It will feel so good knowing that I’m staying in the best hotels, eating at the best restaurants, traveling in total comfort because you went broke.

Click pay obey

2 thoughts on “Travel in Early 2015

  1. Goddess Kyaa,

    Thank You for letting us know all about your plans and the kinky things You’ll be getting up to. May You have as much fun as it sounds 🙂

  2. GODDESS KYAA, this is awesome! One city after the other is getting under Your feet (first litteraly but the rest at the same time!).

    There is one thing that made thrilled me extremely … You anounce, that soon You will be traveling the world!!! May You influence and Your power grow and may You soon have followers, worshipers, slaves, fans and admirers in every single country of the world.

    You are GOD, You are the Center of the universe. You are the Ruler of the world.


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