Give Thanks for Turkey Day 2014

Twisting family holiday’s to make otherwise boring traditions sexy and kinky is so very satisfying. This year I’m going to give my minions a choice between suffering, humiliation or sacrifice. Choose your fate now, choose how you will express your gratitude. While you get a choice, no matter which you pick I win.

Goddess Kyaa - Give Thanks Through Sacrifice 5

Goddess Kyaa - Give Thanks Through Suffering 2

Goddess Kyaa - Give Thanks Through Sacrifice 4

Read the full descriptions and oogle the sexy GIFs for each clip when you click the links below.

Give Thanks Through Suffering



Give Thanks Through Humiliation



Give Thanks Through Sacrifice



This year you need to spend Thanksgiving showing me how grateful you are that allow you pathetic whelps to even know of my existence. Give thanks go me, your Goddess, your owner, your obsession. Buy my Thanksgiving clips and send tributes, buy gifts from my wishlists, send me embarrassing Thanksgiving day photos.

Goddess Kyaa - Give Thanks Through Sacrifice 3


I want to see you covered in mashed potatoes and gravy, holding up a sign that says, “I’m a mess for Goddess Kyaa.” Send your photos to, or better yet, tweet them to @DommeKyaa, tomorrow!

Yes, TOMORROW! November 27th is Thanksgiving day, and I want you to make yourself a messy little pervert covered in mashed potatoes and gravy for me. Once you’ve send in the photos you can add a little of your own personal gravy to the mix!

My plans for Thanksgiving this year include dinner at one of the best restaurants in town, so while I’m out being served a 5 star meal by doting staff, you’ll be smothered in mashed potatoes and gravy, whimpering in shame as you snap selfies for me. That’s something I’m thankful for…

Goddess Kyaa - Give Thanks Through Suffering 1

For years now I have made Thanksgiving my personal bitch, perverting traditions and handing out humiliating assignments. If you’ve missed any of these now is a good time to collect the old Turkey Day themed videos and complete the previous years assignments.

Thanksgiving Blogs:



2010: – Full of HOT HOT HOT Thanksgiving day videos! My 1st year making holiday themed clips and detailed assignments.

2011: – Year 2 of perverting Turkey Day was even better!

2012: – FREE Thanksgiving assignments, very detailed and super degrading.

2013: – More clips and new kinky Thanksgiving assignments!

2 thoughts on “Give Thanks for Turkey Day 2014

  1. Beginning with thanksgiving, it was the holiday season of 2010 that You transformed me forever. After obeying [ i really did ! true ! ] Your commandments for thanksgiving 2010 [ and then Kyaamas & New Years Eve ] i felt Your power through Your Holy Spirit of pure sadistic evil consume my mind, body and soul as i renounced all other gods and religions and knew without a shadow of doubt that You are the ONLY, ONE TRUE LIVING GOD !

  2. i’m such an unthankful looser.

    Today i contacted Goddess Kyaa with the intention to not give in and ask Her to be dismissed out of Her service and out of Kyaaism. As soon as Goddess Kyaa reacted on my lines though, I started doubting…. (Goddess wrote this line: “But I live in your heart as the TRUE GOD you worship, you cannot ever truly stop loving me.”).

    Goddess Kyaa is so powerful. I’m really not living up to my duties as a Kyaaist, but Goddess convinced me within a few minutes and with only very few words of Her, to focus again on what is Truth and what matters.

    Goddess Kyaa, please forgive me, that i’m so weak and that i serve You not as You deserve to be loved, served and obeyed.


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