Webcam & Filming Schedule for Aug. 20 – 24

After weeks traveling I’m going to be in the studio this week! While I’ll be busy filming custom videos and preparing for my move* I will also be available for webcam sessions Wednesday through Sunday of this week and again Wednesday through Sunday of next week.

It’s time to spend some time having your dicklet trained, worshiping in submission, falling deep into my hypnotic spell and spoiling me rotten.

Here’s some specifics on my schedule for this week. I’ll update you next week on info for those dates.

Aug. 20: Noon-Midnight

Aug. 21: Noon-Midnight

Aug. 22: 9am-Noon, 2pm-2am

Aug. 23: 9am-Noon, 2pm-2am

Aug. 24: 9am-9pm

I am filming throughout the week, so send in your custom video requests now! I already have quite a few, so don’t wait. There are only so many hours in the day and therefore only so many custom videos I can make each week. Email me with your request and once I accept your request pay for your custom video quickly to ensure your clip makes it onto my to-do list.

*I found a house to move into (finally) and I’ll be moving in the next 30 days. This means you bitches have extra tributes to send to pay for new appliances and furniture, moving costs, refitting the space I’ll be using for the studio/dungeon and to just put a smile on my face during the extra stress of moving house.


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