Florida & FetCon – August Travel

As many of you surely know by now I am attending FetishCon 2014 in Tampa, Florida next month! In fact, a week from today I’ll be on a big jet plane flying across America. If in the USA you can look up at the sky and know that I might be going overhead heading to the Sunshine State for the first time. This will actually be my first time on the East Coast. I’ve always been a West Coast girl; born in California, raised in Oregon and now living in Washington state as an adult. The Northwest is my stomping grounds, but soon the Southeast will get a taste of Domme Kyaa.

Domme Kyaa in Tampa!

August 4th-10th

Fuck, yes.
Fuck, yes.

I am not doing private sessions while I am traveling in Florida. However, there’s a chance that I’ll be at the Clips4Sale booth for a bit that Friday and/or Saturday. You’ll have to follow me on twitter to find out, so if you happen to be in Tampa and have tickets to the convention you can try to come find me and empty your wallet at my feet.

August is probably just about the worst time of year to visit Florida, but that’s when some crazy fuckers decided it would be a good idea to host a fetish convention. Yes, host it in Florida in August, and tell people to show up and wear latex. Great for sweat fetishists, I suppose. I’ll be staying in the AC and out of the blistering sun (that is, if a tropical storm doesn’t wash me away) for the duration of the trip to avoid what I know is inevitable… sunburn. My delicate skin sees little UV light here in the perpetually foggy NW. Every time I go to Las Vegas I get a slight burn, so in an attempt to avoid the same happening in Florida I’ll be keeping out of the sun like the blood sucking queen of the night I really am deep down inside.
Try not to drool all over yourself, loser.
Try not to drool all over yourself, loser.
What some of you may not know is that my permanently collared slave known as goodboy4Kyaa lives in Florida, not far from Tampa! I’m flying into his hometown and will visit his home to dominate him in his own house! Then, he’ll be allowed to be my butler/driver/slave/filming bitch for the next 8 days, accompanying me to Tampa for Fetcon! Yes, this is VERY exciting news. I’m looking forward to having my most owned of all slaves under my direct control for more than a week. The 5th of August is actually his 3 year anniversary of being collared, so it’s almost romantic, in a twisted kind of way… My slave is besides himself, giddy with the knowledge that he will be allowed to spend his 3rd anniversary of permanent slavery serving me personally.
I have a particular love for abusing my permanently collared slave.
I have a particular love for abusing my permanently collared slave.

Between flights, hotel for 8 nights and a rental car I’m looking at a total of over $4,000 for this trip so far. It’s up to you fuckers to start sending tributes to cover my travel expenses. It’s an honor and a privilege to spoil me so when I travel I pay for nothing out of pocket.


While I’m traveling there will be a brand new femdom/fetish video released each and every single day. Don’t forget to check my stores for new clips!



Follow me on twitter and keep your eyes glued to my timeline. I’ll be tweeting frequently while traveling, photos and links to lil’ blog videos. DO NOT MISS IT. There is going to be an insane amount of kinkiness happening in Tampa a week from now.


2 thoughts on “Florida & FetCon – August Travel

  1. The fact that You are actually going to walk inside and set Your precious feet in Your slave’s living quarters is very surreal, it’s more than a dream because i could never have dreamed of this. Thank You Goddess Kyaa! It does make me respectfully giggle when i “think” of You dominating me in this house which will in essence change this dwelling for as long as You decide to keep me here. In the truest sense, when You leave, Your pure and evil spirit will remain here with me. Thank You Goddess Kyaa!

    Then after You bless this house You have decided to keep me with You to serve You for 7 more days! This again is very surreal to me. It is exciting and at the same time gives me a wonderful, peaceful easy feeling that only You can give and have so graciously provided. Thank You Goddess Kyaa! And now to be allowed to spend the 3rd anniversary of being collard by You [or another way You so eloquently said it to me, publicly showing 24/7 & forever that i am Your bitch] with You is fantastic!
    Giggle, it is romantic in its own twisted way, the best way, the only way! Thank You Goddess Kyaa! After 3 years the shining symbol of Your power locked around my neck still get comments everyday. Because it has now been 3 years, in “everyday” “normal” life [lol] “normal people” cannot doubt my love for You and my dedication to serving You as my sole purpose in life. So today “normal people” respect Your “twisted” theory of romance and wish their “marriage” could have the same beautiful, evil, sadistic fundamentals. lol Go figure. Thank You Goddess Kyaa!

    You have made 1000’s of people of all walks of life smile everyday and continue to do so because of You have allowed me to wear Your collar with Your Holy Name engraved on it forever. All because of You, You make their day. i hear that quite often.That is pretty fucking powerful! Thank You Goddess Kyaa!


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