Webcaming Goddess – Spend The Weekend On Your Knees!

This weekend I’ll be available for webcam sessions. I have already been online for hours tonight and many subbies have already had the chance to submit to me. Drool over these photos of what I am wearing on camera tonight then CALL ME (or if you’d like to pay tribute for your session email me to arrange it) while you can! I will *not* be online Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday except for sessions arranged in advance. So spend the weekend on your knees in submission. Worship me on webcam, turn your webcam on and humiliate yourself for my amusement. Confess your perverted sins to me, beg me to use your fetishes against you, and go broke indulging in your addiction to me!

FRIDAY 7/18: 5pm – Midnight (or later!)

SATURDAY 7/19 – 10AM – Midnight (or later!)

SUNDAY 7/20 – 10AM – 8pm

7 18 b

7 18

7 18 c

Check my twitter over the weekend to find updated photos of what I’m wearing on camera and general cock-teasing.


3 thoughts on “Webcaming Goddess – Spend The Weekend On Your Knees!

  1. i LOVE those particular pair of pantyhose! i love Your pantyhose in that particular photo! i wish, i pray, i want, i need to have that special photo enlarged and placed on every wall in Your church. Larger than life.You are larger than life. Thank You Goddess Kyaa!

    1. Will I be seeing YOU on camera this weekend? I HOPE so! It’s always entertaining to watch you make a mess of yourself, my slut.


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