Pledge Allegiance to a True American Goddess

I'll make you explode like a firework.
I’ll make you explode like a firework.

Happy 4th of July, perverts!

Once again I am going to twist old traditions to make weaker, hornier and dirtier and more submissive than ever before. Start by reading my blogs from previous years. As you’ll see this is something I’ve enjoyed doing for years.




Then you need to download 2014’s Independence Day themed video:


Pledge Allegiance to Domme Kyaa



And get to work edging your cock. I’ve got a plan for you and your cum tonight. With one hand on your dick and the other on your heart, you’ll pledge allegiance!

2 thoughts on “Pledge Allegiance to a True American Goddess

  1. OOOHHH Goddess Kyaa. Your sissy was away on Independence Day, but knows it needs to know what Your celebration orders were for Your minions. Downloading Your video now, and all orders will be obeyed. Pledging allegiance now before watching, however it might devastate. Just because YOU are the PERFECT Goddess Kyaa, my owner, my muse, my inspiration.

  2. I pledge allegiance to Domme Kyaa and her divine feminine supremacy… and to all femdom ideals for which She stands… one empire, under Goddess, indivisible… with submission and chastity for all [sissies].
    It doesn’t matter what nationality or race you are, when you worship Goddess Kyaa you are accepted equally in the eyes of Goddess Kyaa: a submissive male that must be enslaved. But of course, in this season of freedom, what this slavery comes down is voluntarily submitting everything you are worth to please an all-powerful American Goddess. We all know that her attention is worth any sacrifice.


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