June Puzzle Post

It’s been a while since I’ve done a puzzle/game post, hasn’t it? I bet you boys will love spending a few hours doing some kinky puzzles I’ve put together for you. Don’t forget to thank me in the comments section. Tell me how long you spent on my puzzles and which ones are your favorite. I’ll even allow suggestions for future games and puzzles.

Jigsaw puzzle:

A gorgeous photo of me has been been broken into tiny pieces! Put it back together to reveal the beautiful image: CLICK HERE

Crossword puzzle:

crossword 1
Print this out and fill it in by hand!

4. A ? watches his wife get fucked by a real man.
8. A household object used to hang laundry that is often re-purposed for kink.
12. The color of my hair.
13. Goodboy4Kyaa wears a ? collar.
14. The name of the device used to restrict your ability to masturbate or become fully aroused.
15. Click, pay, ?
16. A device used to shut you up.
17. The “B” in BDSM
18. Kyaaists worship me as the one true ?
19. When I dress you in girls clothes I turn you into a what?

1. When I use you as a chair you are being used as human ?
2. Look up my ?
3. Tiny dildo to stick in your butt.
4. A humiliating way to clean up after an orgasm for male submissives.
5. My sexual orientation.
6. The color of my eyes.
7. I walk around on them every.
9. Dildo harness.
10. Hitting, generally on the butt, for punishment or pleasure in BDSM.
11. Footwear that makes me taller.
13. Common term for financial domination fetishist.

Have fun doing my kinky puzzles, perverts!

4 thoughts on “June Puzzle Post

  1. It turns out that I’m unable to resist puzzles. That’s different from the usual things I’m unable to resist! I did the picture puzzle again so I’d know my actual time: 1 hour 54 minutes. And that was probably faster than the firs time because I already knew what the picture looked like.

    The word puzzle took me 17 minutes, but I’m stuck on 4 down. I have three letters that go into it, but I can’t come up with a word that fits the situation and the definition.

    Thank you for posting these puzzles, Goddess Kyaa. They’re a lot of fun. Now I’m going to go do the other puzzles you’ve posted!

  2. The jigsaw puzzle took me hours, although I wasn’t working on it constantly. I did finish it, although the sky was particularly difficult.

  3. Goddess Kyaa,
    Thank You for the wonderful puzzles. for the crossword puzzle, my printer is out of ink so i redrew the puzzle by hand before filling it out. it only took my about 15 minutes to get all the answers except one. 9 Down is the only one I don’t have. I thought I knew it but after filling in all the other answers the answer I had fit but the letters didn’t work properly :(. The jigsaw I started and got about half way done before i had a power surge through my apt so until i restart it i haven’t completed that one yet. It took my 35 minutes to get about half way done with the jigsaw.


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