Shane O’Neal Photography Set #1

Shane O’Neal Photography – Set #1

Domme Kyaa May 2014 Vegas day 1(214)

Shane O’Neal is a fantastic photographer, and a great guy with a kinky streak. When he invited me to shoot in his massive studio I wasn’t sure if I would have the time since I was in the middle of a hectic Las Vegas vacation. I managed to squeeze in a shoot with him between parties, though.

The results were well worth getting my ass up early, as you can see in the gallery below. This is 64 of over 200 photos from the first half of the shoot. Once I reached the half-way point and realized I already had 60+ pictures in my “for the blog” folder I decided to split it up into 2 posts. I’ll follow up soon with a 2nd post for the 2nd half of the shoot, which is even fucking sexier than the 1st half!

Note: These photos are unlike anything I’ve done before. This is fashion style modeling and photography. As you look through the set you’ll notice a few flip-off photos. Those happened whenever the photographer told me “pose however you want.” Naturally, I flip off the camera. It’s my default pose, apparently. Everything else is pretty much his idea, his directions. It was interesting working with a professional photographer, someone who usually shoots with fashion models. It was a fascinating and slightly surreal experience. Perhaps I’ll do an entire blog on what it feels like to do modeling verses doing femdom videos.

Rate and comment on this post! Which photos are your favorite and why? Do you like the fashion modeling stuff, or do you just want to see more pictures of me abusing men and being kinky?

View Set #2: Click Here

11 thoughts on “Shane O’Neal Photography Set #1

  1. Thank you Goddess Kya for these photos. You are Stunning,Beautiful and Perfect. And can’t pick a favorite as they are all amazing and would love to see more photos of both Goddess Kyaa x


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