Since you all voted overwhelmingly in favor of non-sexual subjects, I’ll make my first new post something really unsexy. Misogyny, sexual harassment, fear, sexual abuse, rape, and murder.

Shit just got real. Skip tonight’s post if you can’t handle it.

Start by reading this article:

It’s important. Don’t fucking scan over it. Take the fucking time to read it. It’s important.

I read that article a few hours ago after I started seeing the #YesAllWomen hashtag all over Twitter. It shouldn’t surprise you that I’ve experienced sexual harassment, I’ve been stalked (in school, years before I was in the adult entertainment industry) and assulted. Every time I go out in public I am stared at, often receiving cat-calls or sexual advances from complete strangers, even just wearing jeans and a tee-shirt. This happens so often that I tend to wear baggy sweaters or loose fitting clothing and no make-up when I am out and about in my day to day life in an ongoing attempt to avoid being harassed.

Growing up, I was told that I was a “pretty girl” and that meant that “some people” might want to “hurt” me. Why and how was a mystery, at first, but it didn’t take long for me to understand.

Having spent my whole life trying to avoid sexual harassment and assault, why would I choose to dress in lingerie and sell photos and videos of myself doing sexual things on the internet?

Because I love my body. I love celebrating it and having it celebrated by others. I am kinky, sadistic, dominant. I love being a Domme. It’s a fucking miracle that I have a successful career doing things I love. How could anyone fault me for that? Who am I hurting? Except, of course, those who ask me very nicely (and pay me) to hurt them.

So, why this post? Why my tweets? Because ALL women experience sexual violence and harassment. Even me. I don’t want to let my devoted fans forget that I am a real person that exists in a real world. Treat all women with respect and love. Treat all women like goddesses.

EDIT: Read my recent tweets to get an idea of the responses I actually get on a regular basis:


9 thoughts on “YesAllWomen

  1. Glorious and most Beautiful Goddess Kyaa,

    i want to beg for pardon and forgiveness for all we – low male creatures – do to Women.
    i have knelt in worship in front of Your fabulous photos to do some atonement for all male misbehavior.
    i feel ashamed about our being so disrespectful towards Women.

    This article shows once more how important it is that ALL men submit to Women. That all men have actually a Woman to whom they obey as a Mistress and Goddess.

    GODDESS KYAA, thanks for all You do.

  2. Thank you for sharing this goddess. I hope i can live up to being the good boy your training me to be.

  3. Thank you for this post.
    It caught me off-guard and helped me understand certain realities that I guess I conveniently denied. What hit me hardest was your words of: “Growing up, I was told that I was a “pretty girl” and that meant that “some people” might want to “hurt” me.”

    I like to think that I have some concept of the world, but when I read those words of yours they shocked and confused me. I needed a few moments to even make sense of them. When I understood why you were told that, it deeply saddens me, and very helpfully reminds me of certain realities–realities that all of us much change.

    Thank you very much, Kyaa.


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