Introducing My New Sissybot

Last month a sissy contacted me on Fetlife, hoping beyond hope that I might even read his missive. Without thinking that his dreams might actually come true, he sent me a well composed message that described how earnestly he wished he could be my slave.

Little did he know, just a few weeks after sending off his hopeful inital email to me he would be dressed as my sissy maid and cleaning my studio for hours at a time!
Little did he know, just a few weeks after sending off his hopeful inital email to me he would be dressed as my sissy maid and cleaning my studio for hours at a time!

Little did he know that I have recently decided to start looking for a local slaves to do my bidding. Why should I do menial tasks like cleaning my studio or folding my laundry when there are hoards of eager subbies to do it for me? Well, first and foremost, few of you could ever be worthy of such a reward, no matter how hard you worked to earn it. Secondly, few (very few!) have “what it takes” to serve a Goddess such as myself. I’m sure many of you are now wondering what “what it takes” means exactly. Perhaps you’ll be graced with a blog post on that subject in the future.

Right now you can live vicariously through this lucky slave’s journey as he is trained as my new sissybot.

Read his blog:

Kneeling in worship, my sissybot knows he will never truly be worthy of this blessing.
Kneeling in worship, my sissybot knows he will never truly be worthy of this blessing.

Isn’t my new sissy such a cute little bitch? I’m looking forward to dressing him up and pimping him out. Eventually this slut will be stuffed full of cocks and trained to slurp cum like a fucking pro. For now though he will prove himself with slave labor. A few weeks of nothing but cleaning and working for me should show me if he is willing to go the distance. If so, you boys may be looking at a whole bunch of kinky new clips featuring my lil sissybot being abused in all sorts of ways.

Unsurprisingly, this new sissy is already in trouble. Having failed to complete all 3 assignments (bring me tea, a tray for the plant he got me previously and a list of the flowers in said plan’t – but he forgot the tray and tea at home, and didn’t finish researching the flowers) he is currently not allowed to orgasm until Thursday. That will be more than 3 days of denial for this young slave, since I did not allow him to cum last night either! Hopefully his blue aching balls will help teach him a valuable lesson in completing simple assignments.

6 thoughts on “Introducing My New Sissybot

  1. “Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars, let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars… Fill my heart with song, and let me sing forevermore, you are all I long for, all I worship and adore…” Being your Sissybot is pure bliss, Goddess Kyaa, even when it hurts.

  2. OOOHHH how beautiful for You Goddess Kyaa! I must admit I’m more than a little bit jealous of Your new house slut. Through all of Your sissysplosh’s submissions to You, the very thought of being that in person for You has always been an inspiration/fantasy. It remains my hopeful place someday, and a sense of destiny. But as the dream of that becoming a reality wanes away, it’s satisfying to know that You are being personally worshiped just the way Your sissysplosh would be worshiping You. So Yay for Your new sissybot!!

  3. Congratulations for finding a sissy to serve You in real life! A Goddess like You, Goddess Kyaa, deserves to have the chores of the household to be taken care of by a servant. It is a true win-win.

    Looking at the photos i think she is over the moon!!!

    Thank You for sharing the beginning of her servitude with the minions of Your Empire! It is yet another source of inspiration to worship and serve You from afar.

  4. For me being Your old loyal slave dog, almost retired, [from work, never want to retire from serving You] it’s relaxing to curl up on the floor in the corner and watch how You train a new generation of young slaves to serve in Your Empire.While it’s not like the old days when i was trained to serve You with 10-12 hour days for 5 days strait 4 different times, he must sometimes be overwhelmed being in Your Holy Presence and learning to personally serve You at the same time. “Shock and awe” may be a good analogy.

    To me, the great thing for him is he gets to crawl up to the doors of Heaven and learn to serve You at least once a week, so he has time in between to mediate upon the things that You teach him. While it may be hard now for him now, [ i don’t know that is overwhelming/hard for him, but i would think so, just from my experience] what a blessing in the end to be filled with cock & cum for Your glory. AMEN!

    1. “Shock and awe” says it all about our Goddess Kyaa. How can anyone be so Perfect in every way?? Mind, body, and soul, She is an inspiration to all who are lucky enough to ever wander into Her world.

  5. My Goddess
    I don’t anderstand how the slave can cum.
    It’s now one week I watch the vidéo you make with Princess Nyx and I can’t cum without touching my self.
    Obviously it will be the only way for us: getting orgasm like a slut without moving.
    May be it’s possible, but it’s need the help of hypnosis et contempletion: I try very often by day.
    The best will be a training in watching hypnosis vidéo: a psychic one.
    I kiss your feet my Goddees: your sissy is very lucky


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