Desert Rocks Bikini Photoshoot

Domme Kyaa May 2014 Desert Rocks (3)

My first professional outdoor photoshoot was a success! It was my idea to head out into the desert and shoot to be photographed in a little blue bikini in the rocky desert. I chose the locations and did most of the posing without any input from the photographer.

This photographer is the same guy who shot the awesome photos of Goodboy4Kyaa and I in Vegas last January. I loved those photos so much I asked him to help me with my bikini Goddess in the desert idea and he was game, so we headed out into the Nevada wilderness to find good locations to shoot.

It turned out to be almost perfect weather. Sunny and warm, but not unbareably hot, with a steady wind that made my hair fly just-so without just being annoying. The photos I got from the shoot were worth the sweat-inducing hike and the slight sunburn I got from being outside and uncovered in the hot sun for nearly an hour. Hell, I would have gone out there just for the views! I love visiting the desert, it’s like being on Mars after coming from the wet and green North West USA.

Domme Kyaa May 2014 Desert Rocks (8)

What you can’t see in these photos are the gaggles of tourists surreptitiously snapping photos of me as I strip down in full view of the nearby trail.


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I know I just shared 15+ photos from this set with you boys, but seriously, you need the full set. It was very difficult to pick just 15 to share, they are all so fucking sexy I want to just post the whole set up… but you need to pay for the privilege of seeing them all!

8 thoughts on “Desert Rocks Bikini Photoshoot

  1. Goddess Kyaa,

    I am happy to be under your control. I wish to serve you any way that I can, I absolutely love your pictures


  2. Goddess Kyaa, youre simply a perfect dream. The Greek have Aphrodite, but we have you, the most beautiful Goddess of the universe. I am endless thankful that I may worship you.


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