Vegas, May 2014 VLOG

I shot nearly 30 clips and did 2 full photoshoots on my “vacation.” It seems being a femdom Goddess is a 365 days a year kind of job. Check out this little video I put together, it will give you a hint as to what my trip was like.

Now go buy some clips. I’ll share photos from my shoots and previews of some of the content I shot later in the week.

I took 2 full days after I returned home on Friday to rest and recuperate. Monday’s are usually my day off, but today I’ve got a “to-do” list a mile long, so this is all the blog you bitches are getting today.

Today I am busy catching up with dozens of emails I missed while in Vegas, getting new clips edited, sorting through hundreds of raw photos from my shoots AND interviewing a prospective new local slave.

Check my twitter for daily updates:

3 thoughts on “Vegas, May 2014 VLOG

  1. i am so grateful to You for being able to share the wonders of Vegas with You, Goddess Kyaa!

    All that new material will teach me to serve You better – always remembering that You needs and desires MUST come first!

  2. Goddess Kyaa, You are such a wicked and perverted Girl …. making clips from under Your skirt on the plane … woooow. Thanks. You drive me crazy …. but, let’s be serious that is wicked … and that is why we love YOU.

    GODDESS, please give us the courage to be wicked for You, drive us crazy till we do whatever You ask us to do, just to entertain You and make You laugh.


  3. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for taking the time to write Your words of inspiration, and the visualization through video of a glimpse into Your fabulous life! Obviously as much as You work You love what You do and it is one of the main things that always turns me on about You. Because You love it, it makes me love it too. To put it simply. Thank You!


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