Kyaa + Rene = Double trouble

It’s only my 1st full day in Las Vegas and I have already sunbathed, hot-tubbed, BBQed, went shopping (buying a few new dresses, a necklace & heels totaling ~$300 so send a tribute to cover the cost of my shopping trip!) AND shot multiple kinky clips with Princess Rene, plus a few solo femdom clips you boys will be very excited to see come out for sale ASAP.

Why do you think we look so satisfied?
Why do you think we look so satisfied?
Conspiring against you...
Conspiring against you…
Those are my new floral wedges, so cute and so comfy!
Those are my new floral wedges, so cute and so comfy!

It is turning out to be a fun and productive vacation to say the least.

Today is just 6 days until Princess Nyx’s 21st birthday. Make sure to wish her a happy birthday with your wallet!

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Domme Kyaa

Princess Rene

Princess Nyx

What are you doing to be useful while I am away?

Assignment #1: Go buy clips!  Every day I am gone there will be a brand new fetish clip going up for sale. I pre-loaded them so the automatically publish each morning while I am on vacation. All you have to do to put a smile on my face is purchase some clips or send a tribute. I get notifications on my phone and love to see how much money I am making while I am out living life to it’s fullest. Knowing that all around the world there are horny addicts buying up my clips, sending tributes, jerking off to me or just worshiping on their knees is one of my favorite parts of being me. Make me happy:

5 thoughts on “Kyaa + Rene = Double trouble

  1. It’s deeply pleasing to see you at work and play, both of you are divinely beautiful. It boggles the mind to listen to two Goddesses commanding me, manipulating me, beckoning me closer to ecstasy. It is easy for any man to see in your divine beauty why he should submit, why he must submit… it feels so wonderful to be at your feet.

  2. Goddess,

    Unreal. You are so beautiful and yet erotically powerful. You make me weak inside. Paired up with Rene … omfg! It’s nearly too much. Thank You for posting and for all that You do for and to us pathetic men. You are so superior.

  3. GODDESS KYAA, thanks for sharing all these fabulous things You are doing.

    Your Divine Highness and Princess Rene … well that is a dangerous combination to say the least … this is twice Beauty brought to perfection, twice twisted intelligence, twice superior dominance, twice wicked and powerful seduction, twice so many more thing that make especially You so unbelievable.

    i wish You a nice time in Vegas my beloved GOD.

  4. Love these photos! Especially the last one which makes me know once again that without a shadow of doubt i know where i belong, on the floor below You, praying to You, to be allowed to look up. Which at the same time could answer Your question, “Why do you think we look so satisfied?”. Thank You Goddess Kyaa!

  5. i wish You two wonderful Goddesses all the fun, enjoyment, fulfillment and satisfaction in the world!!! May You enjoy Your Goddess lives to the fullest!!!

    i celebrate Your happiness by Worshiping Your perfection by countless edges and finally a ruined orgasm #5 out of 100!


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