Princess Rene & Domme Kyaa Double Team Time

In a little more than a week I’ll be in Las Vegas, staying with Princess Rene for more than a week of fun in the sun!

On the lake with Princess Rene. Start working yourself up for the bikini clips we are sure to film.
On the lake with Princess Rene last summer. Start working yourself up for the bikini clips we are sure to film.

I’ll spend the first 7 days of my trip with Princess Rene. We have plans to go on some outdoor adventures, so I’m bringing a pair of white sneakers I can get filthy and sweaty while we hike. When I return home some lucky pervert will get to buy them!

Mystery Stroke Instructions!
Mystery Stroke Instructions!
Round 1:
Round 2:
Round 3:

Of course, there will also be partying, shopping, a spa trip (or two) and even some filming. Our twitter accounts will be full of drool inducing pictures. Make sure to show us how much you love it when we tweet tons of pictures by buying clips then tweeting to us about it.

Then my sister, Princess Nyx will arrive for her 21st birthday! Rene has agreed to help me give Nyx a mind-blowing 21st birthday in Sin City. This is where my trip will go from awesome to what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. We will spend 2 full days celebrating her birthday before we say goodbye to Princess Rene and return to the wet and chilly NorthWest.

Princess Nyx, turning 21 on May 7th
Princess Nyx, turning 21 on May 7th

To find out what happens for Princess Nyx’s birthday you will have to follow her on twitter and bookmark her blog. She’s sure to post pictures when she arrives home, but she is likely to be too busy being introduced to the wonders of alcohol to tweet or post anything while she is there. Follow Rene and I on twitter to see the birthday girl do her first shot, though.




Since Princess Rene has been so kind as to invite me to stay in her home for the duration of my visit, all of my faithful minions need to show her just how thankful they are by going onto her wishlist and getting her a little something. Make sure to include a note under the gift options during checkout that says “Thank you, from Goddess Kyaa!”

With Princess Rene in Jan. 2013
Legs for days… 

4 thoughts on “Princess Rene & Domme Kyaa Double Team Time

  1. Goddess Kyaa, I am quite fond of seeing you and Princess Renee together. I’ve already seen the wonderful projects that have come from your time in Vegas, but if it is not too late I’d like to thank Princess Renee for her hospitality. I really get a kick from the jerk off instructions… Not that I’m allowed to cum, let alone eat it, at this current moment, as per your instruction. But perhaps I get more out of denying myself, just as you say.

  2. Thank You for this great post, Goddess! i am getting all worked up thinking about all the wonderful things that are going to happen to You in sunny Las Vegas! To share it with Your minions is a real treat. Your heart is pure gold, Goddess!


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