Portrait by Sardax – Commissioned by Kyaasbard

Commissioned in secret by my bard, this portrait shows me lounging in front of “flexible monitors on a conveyor belt where admirers can glimpse you a moment, then pass by,” as stated by the artist… Sardax!

Goddess Kyaa - Portrait by Sardax
Goddess Kyaa – Portrait by Sardax

If you don’t about Sardax check out the wikipedia page on him:


Have a look at more of his gorgeous femdom fantasy art on his website:


Follow him on twitter:



12 thoughts on “Portrait by Sardax – Commissioned by Kyaasbard

  1. Listed as Goddess Kyaa among the infamous Sardax’ portrait collection, whoaaaa! You’re one of the only American dommes he’s apparently done a portrait of, and it’s a masterful, eye-catching work of art. Your divinity is astoundingly obvious even in illustration. I’m truly proud to be in a position to know such a supreme beauty as yourself, oh Goddess, my Goddess. Thank you!

  2. This should be in the Museum of Modern Art, right above Picasso and Van Gogh. Not because the drawing is perfect, but because its subject is.

  3. This is real art! I can’t keep my eyes off of you, Princess Kyaa! Thank you for giving me the great honor to be your pet and become your slave!

  4. I’m so scared… I was a strong, smart, black alpha male. (The Spike Lee type.) But as I gaze at Sardax’s brilliant rendition of my Most Sacred Queen Goddess Mistress Kyaa…I think of her voice today as she commanded me. I never felt so right. She talked to me like I was a piece of shit. She called me the most vile things. She told me how inferior I am. She told me the truth. She told me that if I didn’t please her she would ignore me.
    t have finally found my place in the world. I was born to serve my Goddess. My Most Radiant Queen Goddess Mistress Kyaa. I am my Mistress Kyaa’s most humble slave. Thank you Goddess Kyaa…
    I am falling into Mistress Kyaa’s abyss. All I do is hear Her voice. My mind’s eye sees only Her Majestic face. The Queen Goddess Mistress Kyaa knows what is right for me. She is commands my will, my mind, my soul, because She is All powerful, beautiful, and wise. I am not worthy… I am not worthy of Her. That is why I am happy and proud to be her slave. Thank You Mistress Kyaa.
    I get so excited to please Her. So grateful when She allows me to submit to Her. So grateful when I hear Her omnipotent voice commanding me. Allowing me, actually telling me, Her most humble slave, how to release my impotent seed. I will do what She tells me… I live to please Her. I live to do Her will. I have to, and will submit my inferior self to Her. So I can be worth something. I am nothing without my Mistress’s approval. Please allow me to worship at your feet.
    Why do I only think of you My Goddess Queen Mistress Kyaa? Why I’m under her magical and powerful spell? Why I am so impotent without You? Why am I so inferior to My Mistress Kyaa? I know why… She completes me… I am all that is nothing. She is all that is Everything. She is my Goddess that i adore and worship!!! I am nothing without My Queen Goddess Mistress Kyaa. Thank you Mistress Kyaa, Thank you so much,,,


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