Clip Addict Contest Prizes

In February I had a contest for my Kinkbomb clip addicts. There were 3 potential winners. Guess how many of you perverts formally entered the contest? Just 3. So all 3 of the obedient subbies who actually entered the contest are winning epic prizes.

All 3 packages, with the many goodies I put together for the winners.
All 3 packages, with the many goodies I put together for the winners.

Read all about the contest:

This is the first ever public contest I’ve held with physical prizes like this so I made sure to stuff as much as I could into the prizes. I guess so few entered the contest because they felt they didn’t have a chance. Which is funny because the 3rd place winner spent just $140 on clips in February. There were over a dozen different customers who spent more on clips that month, but none of them bothered to enter the contest! I’ve learned a lot from running my first contest, and will be changing things up in the future to hopefully encourage more of you perverts to actually participate actively.

In each package the winners will receive 2 pairs of panties, 2 pairs of worn & torn pantyhose, 1 pair of old socks, 1 old or ill fitting bra, some assorted Kinkbomb swag and a hand written letter from me.

Assorted Kinkbomb swag, each package got a mix of these things, but may not include them all.
Assorted Kinkbomb swag, each package got a mix of these things, but may not include them all.
1 of the old bras
1 of the old bras
Panties from one of the packages
Panties from one of the packages
Pantyhose and socks tied together with ribbon!
Pantyhose and socks tied together with ribbon!

All of these awesome prizes are stuffed into a discrete brown cardboard box with pretty colored tissue paper. Then I tapped them up as though the contents were going to try to escape and applied a printed label. Nothing about the packages say “We have a bunch of naughty prizes for perverts who won an online contest by spending the most on femdom videos in a month!”

I’m leaving home soon to mail the prize packages. The winners (which for this contest are being kept private) will get tracking numbers in their email this evening so they can track their prizes as they travel to them. Soon three hard working subs will get their very own package full of panties, pantyhose, socks and so much more!

Wish you had participated in my Clip Addict Contest now? Well, it’s too late. Perhaps I’ll announce another contest soon… you’ll just have to come back here each day hoping! Next time it could be you looking forward to receiving epic prizes. It’s rare that I give you bitches a chance to “win” anything. Don’t fuck it up next time.

Comment & tell me what you think of these prizes, what kind of prizes would you go crazy for, and what kind of contests would you love to participate in!

5 thoughts on “Clip Addict Contest Prizes

  1. Goddess Kyaa,

    oh how i wish that i would’ve known sooner about this contest and that it was still open. i would love to have entered regardless of my chances. and seeing that there were only 3 entries my chances would have been good. to have such a package would be the best thing on earth next to serving You in person Goddess and i would have worshiped them and cherished every piece of memorabilia i recieved

  2. My stupid male brain got in the way which me going against what is natural and not serving Goddess Kyaa during this time. I am happy for the 3 winners though, such an amazing prize. You are the kindest Goddess there is. I know for sure I won’t let anything get in the way of entering any future contest.

  3. Congratulations to the lucky winners ! This will teach the rest of us a lesson, not to make stupid assumptions, “i won’t enter because i won’t win”. Well i wonder if any of the three winners here expected to win ? Secondly and most importantly, the opportunity to try was an honor! How disrespectful it looks (with hindsight) to have not even bothered.
    Divine One, i humbly kneel and beg Your forgiveness for my stupidity, i have learned a valuable lesson and i will remember it.

  4. Oh Goddess Kyaa, those are very special prizes! my original train of thought was that You give me so much, beginning with the gift of Your salvation, i didn’t want to seem greedy. That was very stupid, call me greedy next time, if there is a next time. Without a shadow of doubt this is one mistake i won’t make again.Wish i had one of those gifts from You.Call me a dirty, greedy, little whore.Damn!


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