5 thoughts on ““My last orgasm ” by Kyaasbard

  1. Wow. That is true devotion. And not to mention incredibly hot. Imagine what that post-year release will be like? Unrivaled ecstasy.

  2. Your devotion to the Divine Goddess Kyaa is undeniable! I surely aren’t ready for a sacrifice like this but I dream of reaching this one day and the Only One I would do it for is Princess Kyaa, for sure!

  3. Wow is all I can say. Seeing the devotion of Goddess Kyaa’s slaves is one of the many things that drove me to serving Goddess. I know that I am too weak willed for a sacrifice like this, but I hope one day to reach this. Although it sounds odd, congrats on starting your journey.

  4. Kyaas_bard’s sacrifice is in a class of its own! As a jerk off addict i can fully appreciate the value of your offering to our Goddess! It makes me scared even to think about it.

  5. it is both a joy and a privilege to do this in Your Holy Name Divine One. Any selfish distractions that keep me from focusing on Worshiping and Serving You are wasteful and sinful, i want to think only of You and Your pleasure. i want my only joy to be Your pleasure, i want nothing but to please You my Living GOD.


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