LIVE Q&A, Saturday April 5th at 8pm PST!

Tomorrow night I’ll be broadcasting a free live question and answer session. I’ll stay on for at least 1 hour, broadcasting my webcam and mic for free! This will be your chance to ask all of those burning questions only I can answer.

Curious about what it might take to become my slave? Tomorrow night you'll have the chance to ask me!
Curious about what it takes to become my slave? This Saturday you’ll have the chance to ask me!

Q&A Session with Domme Kyaa, 8pm PST on April 5th on

My MFC profile:

Anyone can watch, but you will need an account on to use the chat room portion and submit questions. Join ASAP and then you can rate my profile 5 stars, “admire” me and add me as a friend. Just look through my MFC profile and you’ll see the ratings, admire and friend links.

Tomorrow night I will start the broadcast at about 8pm Pacific Standard Time. I will answer question submitted in the chat room ONLY. Questions over Twitter will not be answered. I cannot promise to answer every question. If you are rude, ask a flat out stupid or ass-holey question I may just ignore/ban you. Ask the same question over and over again and I may just ignore/ban you. Ask me questions like you are typing with one hand (ie, “how tall r u” should be “How tall are you?”) will result in being ignored for sure. Try to act like a decent human being, treat me with respect.

Also, be aware that I am going to have the chat open to the public so if you are one of my devoted fans or followers do not be shocked to see some dumbfucks who do not follow my rules and do not treat me with respect. I will ban/ignore them, you can simply ignore them.

Hopefully this first Q&A goes well enough that I want to do another again soon. Come join me, ask questions or just hang out and listen in!

Perhaps I'll answer all your questions like this.
Perhaps I’ll answer all your questions like this.

4 thoughts on “LIVE Q&A, Saturday April 5th at 8pm PST!

  1. Thank You, Princess Kyaa for being such a devoted Goddess to Your pets. It is great to serve You, because we know that even if we’re here to serve You and for Your only pleasure, You will listen to us and be comprehensive if we have any problems. You are unique, Divine Princess Kyaa and I am Yours foREVer!

  2. I must keep reminding myself that this is what you miss when you turn away from your purpose of serving the true God, Goddess Kyaa. Your rewards are amazing. There are so many questions I would have had. Also seeing what other questions that other subs and slaves would have asked would have been enlightening.

  3. Thank You Goddess Kyaa for the chance to watch You and listen to You speak. Ask You a question and ye shall be told the truth, which begs to ask the question, “can ye perverts handle the truth”. Believe it or not, i just like to watch You and/or listen to You if i get the chance, anytime i get the chance. Love listening to You talk. That will be 11 p.m. loser time, when 9 times out of 10 i am in deep dreams of You. Maybe if i leave MFC on…. i will pop up to my dreams of You cumming true…so to speak.

    As far as the idiots, i’ve learned there is a moron on every corner, and with You in control, they do not last long. i have a little room to wiggle in that statement because i am a dummy and until You took control of my mind, body and filthy soul i used to be one of those lonely losers, but by nature, never a disrespectful pervert to people in general, especially Women, and for sure You.

    It looks like the 2nd photo of You is brand new, and the full photo of Your twitter image. i love it ! “That’s my Owner”. Thank You Goddess Kyaa ! Would love to get those photo sets that You have on MFC. They are the deal of the century in a monetary sense. More importantly, spiritually to me and i would assume other Kyaaists throughout the galaxy they are a celebration of Your Pure Sadistic Evil and a gift from God Herself .Thank You Goddess Kyaa.


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