Kyaa in Canada, March 2014

Last week I visited Canada for the very first time. Sadly my introduction to Canada was rather boring and uneventful. This blog post will be nothing but a snooze-fest so I suggest you go find something more interesting to read, like War and Peace.

Boring Canadians!
Boring Canadians! They never do anything interesting. Look how obviously uninterested I am in this photo.
As you may know I stayed at Mistress T’s place while in Canada, but I’m afraid I must say I’ll never do that again. She was a terrible host! Did you know that she has a demented cat that attacks all who enter her apartment? Day and night the beast plagued me, howling and constantly clawing at my luggage, destroying everything I brought with me. She refused to take me site seeing, leaving me to wander the cold streets of Vancouver B.C alone and directionless. I was shocked to discover that Mistress T lives a sedate life, abstaining from alcohol and loud music, rarely leaving her house and never doing anything interesting.
Domme Kyaa Seattle & Canada March 14(53) Domme Kyaa Seattle & Canada March 14(54) Domme Kyaa Seattle & Canada March 14(111) Domme Kyaa Seattle & Canada March 14(116)

Domme Kyaa Seattle & Canada March 14(6)

Domme Kyaa Seattle & Canada March 14(12)
Yes, that is in fact poutine.

Domme Kyaa Seattle & Canada March 14(18) Domme Kyaa Seattle & Canada March 14(21)

Mistress T introduced me to a lot of very dull people in Vancouver B.C., vanilla folks with whom I have nothing in common. It was frustrating to have to sit through so much small talk at the tedious party she threw to introduce me to her local friends.
As you can see my trip to Canada was no fun at all. There’s no way I’ll be planning a trip up there again in June, staying for a week or longer so I can spend more time with the yawn-inducing people I met there.
The totally not awesome people you shouldn’t check out that I met in Canada:
Bijou Steal:

12 thoughts on “Kyaa in Canada, March 2014

  1. This looks like a legendary meeting of divine female influences. You should travel more, and allow us slaves to keep you funded and serve you in every corner of the world. It’s such a kindness that you share these pictures and let is subbies imagine how incredible your life is.


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