Discussing Non-Femdom/Sex Subjects on Twitter & Beyond

If all you want is some eye candy go check out the GIFs on my clip stores, there is more than enough for you to drool over there.

This pet paid me to adopt him.
This pet paid me to adopt him.



I’m afraid this post isn’t very sexy, in fact, I’m specifically asking in this post if you guys (that means all of you, from silent lurkers to dedicated minions) enjoy reading about my interests in non-sexual subjects. My old Philosophy of a Femme Domme videos were popular, but what about my thoughts on things like animal rights? If I were to occasionally do a non-femdom/sex/porn related blog post now and then, would you be into it?

Today  and I had an ongoing conversation on Twitter (as frustrating as that is with the character limitation) on the pros/cons of PETA, rescuing animals, sad stores of euthanize kittens were shared. It was awesome to see this non-sexy talk going on between a bunch of sex Goddesses! I find it empowering to remind the men who jerk off to us that we a real people, living in the real world, with interests outside of sex/fetish/femdom.

Answer the poll above and comment below. What do you think?

Note: I rarely give a flying fuck what you fuckers think, so don’t miss your chance to be useful.

7 thoughts on “Discussing Non-Femdom/Sex Subjects on Twitter & Beyond

  1. Thank you for making the poll. I would love to read more about you. I would love to read more about your thoughts. I would say non sexual posts are WELCOME.

    thank you again goddess

  2. 87% want the non-sex posts. That’s Goddess Kyaa. Not just enticing sexually, but emotionally, intellectually, wholly.


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