Blackmail – Stupid or Sexy? – Debate On!

A few weeks ago I was invited by Dr. Sue from (the well-known sex and kink podcast) to participate in a debate on the subject of blackmail as a femdom fetish and whether or not I enjoy participating in it with Domina Kiara. I agreed, and a few days later we recorded the lively debate on this taboo subject. My twitter followers will know all about this and are likely to be quite excited to finally get the chance to listen to this, since I’ve been tweeting about it all month!

Listen carefully, and enjoy. If you have questions about my thoughts on blackmail you can call me on VerifiedCall or Niteflirt to discuss it personally.

Click, listen and don’t forget to leave a comment + vote on the poll!

Note: While I don’t blackmail my slaves for the reasons you’ll hear about in the debate audio when you click above, I do get why it’s such an intensely erotic fantasy for some folks.

2 thoughts on “Blackmail – Stupid or Sexy? – Debate On!

  1. i too can see how some may find the thrill of losing controle a massive turn on and of course the thrill of having such controle but i have to agree with You Goddess (and not just because i belong to You) it does present the problem of legality and the ever present threat of prosecution. The sub in question might not represent the threat but (as You said) any other observer (wife for instance) could.


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