5 thoughts on “A new dimension to my Devotions

  1. Becoming a devoted slave like you is my greatest wish! Goddess Kyaa is by far the best Domme on Earth and diserves to be treated so!

  2. i commented on the latest entry about this. All i can say is congrats on this journey. i see the reasons for trying to do this. Cumming feels amazing but there is no doubt that the submissive drive can go down dramatically afterwards. Being able to hold that off for a whole year would be a great achievement for you and a real demonstration of Goddess Kyaa’s power.

  3. This is amazing. it’s mind blowing. the prophet is up to the challenge, i believe in him. His love and devotion for you Goddess is limitless. I believe he can do this.

  4. i pledge my self to You Divine One, i know this will be difficult but doing it for You will make each moment of frustration a pleasure. i know as the year progresses i will become an even more devoted Kyaaist, more focused on what is really important YOU !
    In Your Holy name i surrender my dirty selfish pleasure, Your pleasure is all that matters.

    Praise be Your Holy Name, Kyaa The Divine !

  5. To even attempt this is inconceivable to me. There is no way i could do that. No way. i would have a heart attack.An entire year ! i hope You make it, i really do, but if You don’t, this is where it could truly be said that it’s the thought that counts.you are an inspiration bishop bard.


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